E. Pierce Marshall Dies, Anna Nicole Smith Wins?

I know this is a little bit late, but better now than never, right?  Apparently E. Pierce Marshall who was in a fierce legal battle with Playboy playmate Anna Nicole Smith died last Tuesday unexpectedly.   The 67-year-old business man died in the Dallas area after a “brief and extremely aggressive infection.”  I wonder, was the extremely aggressive infection named Anna […]

David Hasselhoff Defends His ‘Idol’ Emotions

David Hasselhoff was caught crying on camera during the American Idol finale at the end of May.  Hasselhoff has endured the scoffing of many a media, but still keeps his head high & even wishes politicians would follow his lead & show some emotion as well. The former Baywatch star was in the audience when the American […]

The Inner Circle of Jennifer Aniston, Vince Vaughn & Brad Pitt

Some recent news has come to light regarding the guarded relationship of Jennifer Aniston & Vince Vaughn, as well as Aniston & Brad Pitt’s divorce. A friend of Aniston’s has stepped forward & stated that the lack of Jennifer’s public commitment for supposed beau Vince Vaughn, comes from her father leaving at an early age, not […]

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Ready for Adoption

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper to be aired Tuesday, Angelina Jolie confesses that she & partner Brad Pitt will adopt another child in the near future.  Just weeks after the birth of their first biological child together, the famous couple are already looking into the future.    “Next we’ll adopt.  We don’t know which–which country. […]

Friends Fear for Slimming Katie, I Mean Kate, Holmes

Actress Katie, I mean Kate, Holmes has astonished & worried her friends by shedding 28 pounds since giving birth to her daughter Suri on April 18.  Holmes has been sticking to her strict diet designed by Buff Brides owner Sue Fleming as well as her excessive exercise regime on top of trying to keep up with baby Suri.  Health experts have slammed the […]

Paris Hilton Gives Brittney Spears Paparazzi Advice

In a hilarious turn of events & in an irony-shaking move, Paris Hilton publicly gave Britney Spears advice yesterday on The View.    Hilton encouraged the young pop star to try & cooperate with the paparazzi & not antagonize them (with your crotch).  The hotel heiress & general all-around, do-gooder claims she sympathizes with Spears’ plight with the media, […]

Tom Cruise Congratulates Fellow Father Brad Pitt

Scientologist Tom Cruise has sent a little congratulations to fellow father Brad Pitt.  In the congrats card, Cruise wrote,  “Congratulations! You’re doing a fine job following in my footsteps!” Hmmm….  So Brad Pitt has hypnotized Angelina Jolie into believing that aliens are living inside our very souls & keeps her tied up at night?  Interesting…… Cruise […]

The Perfect Hillbilly Family: Britney Spears & Kevin Federline Still Together

PopSugar has the latest development on the perfect hillbilly family, Britney Spears & gang.  In their first photograph together since March, Brit is braless, of course, K-Fed is sporting the wife beater, ironic?, & Sean Preston is beginning to look like the year 2019’s top rap artist.  In an upcoming interview by Matt Lauer that will […]

Denise Richards on Heather Locklear

Denise Richards is a fantastic rationalizer.  Why I haven’t seen such fine work since Eddie Murphy’s rationalizing on the whole transvestite prostitute Atisone Kenneth Seiuli thing.  Richards recently stated that she is saddened by her relationship, or lack thereof, with former pal Heather Locklear but insists “you can’t help who you fall for”.  Unless you’ve been living under […]

Marc Anthony is Ugly

  OK, I have to come out and say it:  Marc Anthony is ugly.  There’s really nothing left to say.  He looks like a gerbil & I feel like I should put him in a nice, fresh cage with a running wheel.  Does Jennifer Lopez dig the whole gelled up thing? And according to my pals […]