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Sarah Jessica Parker Replaces Demi Moore in Lovelace

Demi Moore recently got in the news a few months after her much publicized separation from Ashton Kutcher. Moore was apparently so affected by all the negative things in her life that she was recently admitted to a rehab center due to exhaustion. This meant, of course, that she had to bow out of the project she’s supposed to participate in, the Linda Lovelace biopic Lovelace. Read the rest of this entry »


Rather funny how the world of romance and relationships have changed over the years. The sexual revolution has set so many souls free and at the same time has reversed and flipped  the way we all viewed life and love for many centuries. Who says only men can have all the fun  with women half their age? Why do many frown on women getting involved with a much younger man? Who dictates that norm anyways? Let’s say a woman in her 40’s suddenly becomes single and available after a 10 year marriage ends in divorce.  They say all the good men are taken. Hence, this leaves her with slim pickins of single men in her age bracket. These men be the ones who are either too involved with work and have sworn themselves into bachelorhood, or have gone totally ape chasing around women half their age and  half their waistlines. Who then makes it to her list of eligibles?

And oh,the labels we’ve been living with  That distinguished man in his 50’s dating a girl in her 20’s is reduced to a dirty old man and a foxy woman in her 40’s dating a 20 something man becomes a raging cougar preying on fresh meat. Fortunately, Hollywood always  has something  to inspire us. This reality bite on the battle of the dating sexes has seen many celebrity cougars on the prowl for  a great catch.  Whether they end up with a keeper or just a sleeper, these Hollywood women sure have their game on and some pretty hot boy toy trophies.

Mariah Carey  — rawrrz for this mamita for keeping her boy toy Nick Canon in tow despite their 10 year age difference.

Kylie Minogue –  a breast cancer survivor, this diva from down under seems to have found her second wind and some good love with her Spanish beau Andres Velencoso  who is 11 yrs younger .

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Turning 49 yrs old may yet be a milestone for Demi Moore who has managed to shed even more weight now tips at 98 pounds before her birthday. 98 pounds – my, with the way she looks in her recent photos, she’s  probably a mere 80 pounds. Half of which comes from her hair.
After alleged rumours of husband Ashton Kutcher’s affair with 23 yr old Sara Leal , word spread like crazy bush fire of an impending divorce. However, the couple remained on a steady course of working out their issues and moving on with their normal life.
Noticeable though, is Demi’s rather alarming rate of weight loss. Understandable that she may be going through a rough time and stressing out over marital issues. But could it be that she’s trying to lose the weight to kind of keep up with the body of a possible 23 year old mistress?

Either way, her rapid loss of weight is almost too painful to look at now as her husband might not have enough to hold on to. You gotta eat sometimes, you now!Either that or she’s hittin’ up a much younger guy to show for what she can still bag at 49! There have been talks that the actress is seeing Ashton Kutcher’s younger actor friend Ben Hollingsworth. Although none of this could be confirmed or denied … such smoke can only come from a big boiling pot of juice!

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12 Stars Who Love Their Dentists

It’s a well known fact that to cut it in Hollywood you need a megawatt smile. But as celebrities often play their cards close to their chest when it comes to cosmetic procedures, it requires some super sleuthing and a couple of ‘before’ photos to work out whether in fact mother nature blessed them with great genes, or if they have had a helping hand in pursuit of the perfect pearly whites.

Here we take a look at some famous faces who have spent more than their fair share of hours in the dentist’s chair… Read the rest of this entry »


Demi Moore Will LOL With Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is obviously ready to put her Hannah Montana days behind her.

Miley Cyrus & Demi Moore in LOL

(c) Screenslam

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The stars usually save their best threads for the biggest awards show of the year—The Academy Awards. See which women stood out in the Oscar 2010 red carpet.

82nd Annual Academy Awards - Rachel McAdams
Spring is coming! Rachel McAdams’ pastel-patterned Elie Saab Haute couture gown took the attention away from the dark, monochrome hues of the lingering Winter season.

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The Things People Wear on Valentine’s Day

There must be something about how the moon, stars, and planets are misaligned once a year during the 14th day of February. It’s that time of the year where people think that they can dress a little crazier, a little more risqué, and a little more weird.

Well, it wasn’t exactly February 14; it was more like February 11, the night when the cast of Valentine’s Day attended the European premiere in London. The stars in attendance, who usually impress us with their red carpet frocks, shocked the begeezers out of me with their choice of threads that night. See for yourself.

Valentine's Day London Premiere - Jessica Alba

(c) Bauer Griffin

Jessica Alba

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Perez Hilton struck a raw nerve – a very raw one – with Demi Moore when s/he linked to some photos of Tallulah Willis on Twitter. The photos showed some sexy angles of the 15-year-old daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, ruffling the mother hen’s feathers. She lashed out at the celebrity blogger, saying:

“Anyone who advertises follows or supports Perez supports violating child pornography laws! Let me ask all of you, what is it called when someone is telling people to look and focus on a child’s “boobs & a**” while providing photos?”


Demi Invited To Go Into The Wild

Discovery channel adventurer Bear Grylls has challenged Demi Moore to be part of his show “Man Vs. Wild,” and he did it through Twitter. (We all know that Mrs. Kutcher is an avid user of Twitter!) The Brit’s request:

“Dear Demi, i host a show called Man vs Wild, and I would so love to have you join me for a special: Woman Vs Wild!”

Demi’s reply? Well, we’re all waiting on that.


Pacific Cinerama Dome
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary this September, and reports are surfacing that Demi Moore is soon to be Demi Kutcher. Ashton says as far as he knows, this is not the case. All he can say is that his wife is getting more and more beautiful as the years go by. Aww…


Ashton And Demi Feeding America

Celebrities Arrive At The White House Correspondents Association Dinner In Washington DC. 1 of 6
It’s not a new thing – celebrities have taken to Twitter to further good causes. This time, it’s Ashton and Demi. They want everyone to take part in feeding the hungry of America. Let’s join them!



Watch out Israel, the material girl & her posse are heading your way!

Madonna & pals Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher & Donna Karan are fleeing the Sunset Strip for the Holy Land this week.  Madge plans on spending the Jewish holidays with her Kabbalah buddies & maybe a handful of Israeli soldiers as well. 

So, I guess there’s only one thing left to say, Shana tovah!


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