5 Celebrities Who Were Injured On-Set

Although being a celebrity may seem like an endlessly glamorous existence, acting on a film set comes with a unique set of challenges and risks. Some actors perform many of their own stunts, while others are cast in physical roles that can lead to a variety of injuries. … [Read more...]

Top 10 Richest Actors in the World

The acting game is big business with box office sales for movies reaching hundreds of millions of dollars around the world. Actors make money from endeavours such as their movies, but also from the sales when the film is released for purchase and other sponsorship deals. Actors … [Read more...]

Kanye West Apologizes Again

The guy must be coming to his senses. After he apologized in his blog, he published another post on Monday where he wrote: "I feel like Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents when he messed up everything and Robert De Niro asked him to leave... That was Taylor's moment and I had no … [Read more...]

Ben Stiller Spends More Than A Night At The Museum

The Night At The Museum star seems to be liking this cultural establishment even in real life. He is the star in an orientation film that the Smithsonian is currently showing to visitors. Does this mean that we are going to see a sequel soon? … [Read more...]

Ben Stiller Wins Over Christian Bale

Not because he is hunkier or more attractive, but because he has a better movie. Night at the Museum 2 beat Terminator Salvation at the Box Office over the weekend, garnering $70 million. Goes to show what people are wanting to see these days. I am one of those who added to … [Read more...]