Lindsay’s new ring!

Oh my Gosh… Lindsay Lohan’s been sporting a heart shaped ring … and we know pretty well that it’s not the chastity ring espoused by the Jonas Brothers. She’s still not confirming any special relationship with Samantha Ronson, but she did admit they have matching tattoos.

Lohans call a truce

Recently, Lindsay Lohan got into a ‘spat’ with her father. But the two may have to put personal differences aside. Her paternal grandfather Richard died from colon cancer last week. Lindsay — acting way more mature than we normally give her credit for — said “Now papa has found peace and maybe we can find […]

Lindsay rants

Lindsay Lohan gets honest in her blog entry. First she rants about the rumors about her sister, then sighs “I miss Samantha because she’s out of town.”

Samantha Ronson talks!

The deejay — who’s been linked with Lindsay Lohan opens up a lot of things in her interview with Harper’s Bazaar. So, will she confirm what’s going on between them? The issue hits newstands on August 19.

Lindsay goes on make-out festival

Lindsay’s finally dropped the “good girl” act. On a recent trip to Italy, where she attended the Capri Hollywood Film Festival (with the Golden Globes disaster, that’s about the only awards party worth attending), she was spotted making out…not with one… not with two…but with THREE different men. All in 24 hours. Guess she had […]

Lohan up to her bad girl ways again

What’s this we’re hearing that post-rehab Lindsay Lohan is up to her wild child ways again? According to insiders, La Lohan was seen cozying up to an Italian actor in Italy. Based on the pictures that have been circulating, the scene could be straight out of a soft porn flick, what with the wet kisses, […]

Riley Giles: Lindsay’s a nympho

Lindsay Lohan’s ex-boyfriend Riley Giles sounds bitter. After being dumped, he spilled his secrets to Brit tabloid News of the World. “Lindsay’s definitely a nymphomaniac. She’s wild in bed. We’d have sex a couple of times in the day and then go to it through the night,” he said. The first time they did it […]

Paris-Stavros-Lindsay love triangle

Days after rumors spread that Stavros Niarchos was interested in Lindsay Lohan, his ex Paris Hilton made moves to reclaim her guy. Paris and Stavros have been seen doing some serious liplocking, and she’s making damn sure that everyone does see them. Trendy clubs. Best tables at restaurants. Gosh, she might as well send out […]

Lindsay, Paris fight over boy

What is the appeal of Stavros Niarchos? Lindsay Lohan was all over him at a Hollywood party (aah, she didn’t waste any time after ending her rehab romance). But watch your step, Lindsay. While stealing a guy from a small-town girl may have little consequence, you don’t want to cross paths with Paris Hilton. She […]