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Pre-Wedding Shape Up Tips from Jessica Biel

There isn’t anything you can do to hide love and the bling it brings into your life. No matter how our fave celebrity couples try to keep romance on the down low, that significant bauble is pretty darn hard not to notice!

Even after months from getting engaged, Hollywood power couple Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have been playing it low key with their engagement last year.

Much of our congratulatory toast to the super fit couple who seem to just have missed out on letting tinsel town get a glimpse of the engagement rock on 30 year old Jessica Biel.

It was only on a recent errand run in LA that Biel officially flashed us the big blinding bauble and shared her secret to staying in shape before she walks down the aisle with her hottie hubbie to be.

Jessica reveals it is the adventure of a work out that keeps her from getting bored with a routine. Discovering ways to enjoy the outdoors  and incorporating physical activity on any day at the park such as biking or following a short hiking trail does wonders.

Not everyone is an athlete but training for strength will definitely give you some to-die-for muscles in all the right places and makes your body look leaner. Biel opts for hardcore strength training exercises such as walking lunges that can get those glutes in tip top shape. Light weights and more reps is the key to her lean frame.

And after all that, this super body actress alternates her work out with yoga for muscle lengthening and pairs it with a sensible diet of  healthy fresh food. Breakfast with complex carbs, fruits for munchies, and good ole fish and lots of greens for a light dinner.  But of course, everyone has to have those days when you just got to have some guilty indulgence. Biel believes in having a cheat day and that’s just one day when she can have anything her heart desires to keep the balance. Life sans such a day according to this hottie bride to be, can sometimes drive anyone to a nutty edge.

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Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz: Together Again

…for a movie, that is. The former flames are working on their first project ever since they split up in 2007.

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake in Bad Teacher

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Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel

Here you have three actresses that the majority of men on planet Earth would love to get with, but it seems that none of them do anything for me in the regards that they should. Not sure if they were trying to not outshine each other, but what happened to a little friendly competition among enemies? Seriously, do any of them stand out to you as stunners? If so don’t let me know because I might be missing something here.

I won’t even bother to comment on the Biel’s dress. This woman has been a fashion disaster all year and has completely lost all sexual appeal to me. Garner is probably the best looking of the three here, which is amazing because three years ago she would’ve been the worst. Anne is just being Anne. Sometimes she has number one stunner days and other days she is plain Jane.

If you didn’t guess it already they are promoting their new movie Valentine’s Day which opened at #1 because it has over 95% of Hollywood in it apparently. Of all the movie strategies that I have heard of in my life this is probably the greatest one yet. Give everyone that you know a cameo and make sure they are in the credits and their fans will show up to see it.

I think they tried that strategy in adult movies one time and it just ended up being a complete mess. Not that I saw it or anything, I just heard the rumors on the street.


Jessica Biel is plaining it up. Yes, I said plaining.

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel has some manly features, I don’t think many people would argue that. However, that doesn’t take her away from being sexy. Her bootay is off the chain and she always looks fit. However, what is she trying with this outfit? I don’t mind a chick maxing and relaxing, but there is a time and place and one of them is not at a photoshoot.

Jessica, it’s been a while for you to star in a major movie and with Valentine’s Day coming out do you really want to turn people away? Women will want to see this with men, but men will have no incentive to go if they don’t think they are going to see some greatness. This picture doesn’t inspire greatness. Even the women want to see a little bit of sex oozing from you. This is more like the little girl who would knock on my door and ask if I wanted to play some kickball.

I mean if you are going to get outshined by Alison Brie, which isn’t very hard considering her photos, then you know you need to step up your game and there is no game stepping going on here Jessica. It’s bad enough that Justin Timberlake cheats on you because you dress more manly than him, but making us suffer as well isn’t a good thing.

I don’t even know if she can make this up to us beyond posing in Complex. In fact, that is the only way she can make up for this disaster of a picture. I’m not going to see the movie because of this picture. You read that right. I’m keeping my $70 and doing something else.


It’s probably not what you’re thinking. McAfee Inc., known for its virus scanner, conducted a survey about celebrities which will most likely get you malware over the Internet if you do a search on them. At the top of the list, we have Jessica Biel, who is followed closely by Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Brady and Jessica Simpson. You can safely search for the First Couple, though.


Jessica Biel Performs In The Theatre

And the girl sings too? Heck, yeah! Most fans may not know this, but Jessica Biel can sing as well. She just played the role of a Manhattan missionary in the Los Angeles Philharmonic production of Guys and Dolls. Could Broadway be next? She wouldn’t be averse to it!


Jessica Biel: I’m Too Hot

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel exit Japonais restaurant with Jessicas mom after having dinner in NYC
OK, she is HOT. But is she TOO hot to get roles? I seriously don’t think so, but everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, right? (Even if their opinions make them seem too big for their own skin…)


Jessica launches blog

jessica biel

Jessica Biel has started her own blog, and is amazingly honest as she writes. She shared, for example, that she only has 4 or 5 friends. That’s okay honey; when you have Justin Timberlake you don’t need much more!


Jessica’s new “Honor”

Jessica Alba

Congratulations to Jessica Alba and Cash Warren, who have just welcomed a baby girl! They named her Honor Marie.

Jessica’s said in previous interviews, “I don’t want to be my child’s best friend. I want to be a mom. But I do want my child to come to me when they have problems and need to talk, so it’s going to be about treading that line.”

The two met while they were filming Fantastic Four.



Don’t get your panties all in a wad, but it looks like Justin Timberlake has been doing some ring shopping in Santa Monica recently.

But it’s not an engagement ring, it’s a promise ring that Timberlake’s been looking for.  Justin apparently wants to show girlfriend Jessica Biel how committed he is to their budding relationship. 

An insider reveals, “Justin isn’t ready to propose, but he wants to make a commitment to her. Justin says Jess is his dream girl. He wants to give her a symbol of his affection and love.”

Aww, how sweet.  Btw, Justin, from the quotes on Jess, I don’t think she’s quite ready to settle down anyway.  So, now that Justin is getting a little serious, what do you make of this couple?  Are they the lasting kind?  You tell me.


“What’s weird is: You’re single for 20 or 30 years, and you’re married for like 70. It doesn’t seem like a good ratio, does it?” or 20 or 30 years, and you’re married for like 70. It doesn’t seem like a good ratio, does it?”

~Jessica Biel on marriage, sorry Justin!



It’s definitely difficult and sort of bizarre to deal with. You do really have to just get into a place where you feel Zen about it. You just have to take a deep breath and know that somebody is going to be taking your picture while you’re going to the laundry and picking up your dry cleaning.

“You don’t understand why somebody cares but they’re there. So you just go about your day and ignore them. That’s the best way to deal with it.”

~Jessica Biel talking about dealing with the paparazzi


Wtf?  I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry’s Adam Sandler takes a good, strong whiff of co-star Jessica Biel’s armpit.

Where would this happen but on the set of TRL’s New York Studio?  On Monday Biel, Sandler & Kevin James all stopped by the studio to promote the comedy as well as play a game of blindfolded fun.  Apparently, Sandler is determining which co-star smells the best…



The stars of the new movie I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry showed up in strength for Thursday’s Los Angeles premiere.

Jessica Biel, Adam Sandler & Kevin James all took to the red carpet with ease & humor.  While Jessica usually look amazing to the point of jealousy, the cut on that dress she’s wearing isn’t all that flattering.

But what I really wanna know is, do you think you’re going to like this comedy?  You tell me.


Shrek’s Cameron Diaz was spotted recently looking adorable as ever.  You know, the blonde star seems even happier lately, despite ex-beau Justin Timberlake copping feelsies on new flame Jessica Biel.

Maybe, just maybe, Diaz knows something we don’t.  Come to think of it, Cam sure has been looking smiley with JT around on the Shrek the Third Europe promotion tour…



I have to say that every time I see that ridiculous I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry movie trailer, I am more & more jealous of Jessica Biel’s tight ass.  I mean, do they sell that somewhere as a prescription that I can buy?

Anyhoo, Biel, as you can certainly see, is looking hotter than ever as the actress graces the July cover of GQ magazine. 

I’m sure you all remember when Biel was named the Sexiest Woman Alive back in 2005?  Well, here is what the little lady had to say about that in a recent interview:

At first I felt really embarrassed about it.”

“You know, it’s a weird thing to talk about. Like, ‘Hey, guys. Guess what?’ You don’t just go telling everybody that.” “But after I got over that, I just started to embrace it. I started thinking, If I ever do have kids, and if they have kids, I can tell them: ‘You know what? Your grandma in 2000-and-whatever was the Sexiest Woman Alive. How about that, kids?’ That’s what I started to think about. I’ll always have that picture to say, ‘That’s what Granny used to look like.’ ”

That’s a pretty sweet article, but I was kinda hoping for the scoop on Jess & Justin Timberlake myself…




Justin Timberlake’s love interest sure knows how to take out the trash.  Actress Jessica Biel was spotted earlier this week in a giant, pink robe & fluffy slippers taking out her garbage. 

Doesn’t Biel have someone she pays to do that kind of work?


The singer apparently responsible for bringing sexy back, though most of us didn’t realize it was missing, Justin Timberlake, & actress Jessica Biel have reunited…and it feels so good!

26-year-old Timberlake & 25-year-old Biel have met up in jolly ole England & were spotted getting cozy at the Lowry Hotel bar for a makeout session.

A source reveals, “They were kissing and holding hands.”

Sounds like this pair might be getting back to hot & heavy where they left off not too long ago!

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Actress & Justin Timberlake lover Jessica Biel certainly doesn’t look nervous about this weekend’s Oscar Awards ceremony.  Actually, Biel looks quite at home with her pooch.

The Illusionist actress was spotted hanging out with her dog the other day while maintaining that wonderful figure of hers.  I guess Jess doesn’t have much to worry about, since she’s just an Oscars presenter, still she could one day be holding one of those babies for her own work, though I kinda doubt it.

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