Happy 34th Birthday To Rose McGowan

Superslut Rose McGowan celebrates her 34th birthday today!  What are we wishing her this year?  Enough bottles of Xanax to satisfy.

Halle Berry Three Months Pregnant!!!

Holy shitake balls, Batman!  Halle Berry is finally confirmed to be three months pregnant!  Now that’s going to be a beautifully stunning child, is it not. 41-year-old Berry was slated to take up a role in the Lionsgate film Tulia, but those plans have been changed, now that the star has revealed that she’s very preggers. […]

Tobey Maguire Marries Baby Mama Jennifer Meyer

The news has broken, Spider-Man has finally married his betrothed.  Tobey Maguire & fiance / babymama Jennifer Meyer held a secret wedding ceremony in Hawaii Monday evening & tied the official knot. None other than BFF Leonardo DiCaprio as well as actor Lukas Haas were in attendance for the nuptials, which was a small affair on […]

Quote Of the Day: Paris Hilton Wants Kids & Fast!

Good ole Paris Hilton is feeling a little left out ever since BFF Nicole Richie went & got herself knocked up.  Hilton, who recently gave an interview to Elle magazine, has revealed that she wants kids & that she’s ready to start pushing them out as soon as next year.  Watch out, Stavros, there’s a […]

Daily Dose of Zen: Britney Spears Loves Spiderman Pit

After a long night of clubbing it up in Las Vegas, Britney Spears was spotted returning to Los Angeles with the three men in her life Saturday- sons Jayden James & Sean Preston, as well as Spiderman! Woah, it looks like Brit’s got it bad for the man in red, actually it looks like the singer gets off […]

Heath Ledger & Michelle Williams Are Dunzo!

I have to admit, there are very few celebrity couples that I feel sad about when they go their separate ways, and Heath Ledger & Michelle Williams are one of those very few. It’s finally been officially confirmed that Ledger & Williams, who met in 2004 on the set of Brokeback Mountain, are breaking up.  The […]

You Tell Me: Should Bridget Moynahan Have Given Baby Tom Brady’s Name?

While footballer Tom Brady was mainly absent during the birth of his son by ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan, he’s now going to be absent in a whole different, more permanent way.  A healthy little boy was born to mama Bridget August 22 & she has now named the child John Edward Thomas Moynahan.  Notice anything that might be […]