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Well, it looks like the truth has finally come out, Victoria Posh Beckham is one big meanie.  According to an NBC insider, she is arrogant & very difficult to work with.

As NBC chronicles David & wife Victoria Beckham’s move from the UK to the US, the network is finding out what a grade A bitch the woman really is.

Here’s the insider now, “We think she’s full of herself and not very nice. She’s very picky, demanding and rude. And she was mean to the assistants, too.

“She waltzes around with her icy attitude. People will walk up to her and say, ‘Welcome to America’, or, ‘Good luck with the move’, and she doesn’t even stop to talk to them.

“The show is designed to make her a star in the States, but she’s dreaming if she thinks that’s going to happen. She’s coming off as a grade-A bitch!’ It is also alleged the show’s nervous producers are worried the series will be boring and a major flop.

“No one knows what to do with her to make the show interesting – she’s so boring! Every suggestion the producers make, she rejects.”

Okay, so I have an idea for the show.  Have someone confront her about her bitchy ways & see how she reacts.  Then schedule sessions with a bitch counselor.  I think it may just work.  What do you think?

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“I would like to thank the public.”

“Wherever I go, kids are like, ‘Oh my God.’ But the best part is that we raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for animals.”

~Heather Mills

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If you believe the buzz, talk show queen Rosie O’Donnell will be saying goodbye to “The View” today.

According to reports, O’Donnell may be saying farewell to her audience on the popular talk show Wednesday.  Of course, Rosie will more than likely stay through the end of the season, but dismiss herself afterward. 

Unfortunately, Rosie’s rep was unreachable for comment sake, but they probably weren’t going to say much anyhoo.

You tell me- Do you think Rosie’s leaving?

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Ouch!  In a recent interview, Luke Wilson reveals a little more than maybe he intended about Jessica Simpson’s acting skills.

The Wilson brother stated, “She’s intelligent enough to know the roles she can do a good job at – it’s not like she’s trying to play Erin Brockovich.”

Wow.  I mean, I totally agree, but it’s funny that Luke out that out there.  I wonder if we should be offended by that….

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31-year-old model/actress Milla Jovovich & her fiance director Paul Anderson are expecting their first child together.  Anderson, who produced all the Resident Evil films, & Jovovich have been hot and cold for going non four years now.

“He got me an antique ring and he proposed four years ago but we broke up in between,” Jovovich revealed.

When the second engagement came calling, Milla asked soon-to-be hubby Paul for a little something smaller this time.

“I was training for a film at the time and I was unable to train with the ring he got me, so I asked him to get me a more casual, smaller ring and he bought one for me,” Milla stated.

No news yet on the when & where of the potential wedding.

“No, not yet. We talk about it casually. I have a good girlfriend in Italy. She is part of an ancient Italian family and they have a castle so we are hoping to get married there,” Milla went on to say.

You know, I’m happy for Milla, provided that it all works out.  I have been a longtime fan of the girl, even after realizing what a crazy self-involved person she actually is.

Congrats to the happy couple all the same!

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Let me just go ahead & reveal that this image of Mischa Barton is not, I repeat- NOT, from a movie set.  Which makes it all the more scarey, right?

Barton was spotted shopping in London on Monday wearing a pair of high-waisted trousers & an antique Fleetwood Mac t-shirt.  Clearly the poor girl’s wardrobe was robbed by vandals & all they left her was her old 80s stuff. 

At least Mischa is shopping for new stuff, but hurry up, girl!  Tiffany called & she wants her look back!

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In a wardrobe move that’s left us all guessing what might be next, Britney crazypants Spears was spotted in hot Los Angeles sporting a fur shawl.  Where is PETA when you need them, dammit?!

Later in the evening, Spears donned a silly white hat, silky shirt, same damn cowboy boots she’s been wearing lately, along with that furry thing draped across her shoulders.  The girl has to be hot & crazy to wear such a thing in L.A. at the end of April.  We need intervention & we need it fast!

PETA to the rescue!

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25-year-old Natalie Portman was recently asked by a reporter if she was back to dating Goya’s Ghosts hottie co-star Gael Garcia Bernal.

To which the hotpot Portman replied, “That’s none of your business.”

Natalie confesses that she finds it very strange when reporters ask her personal questions, like when she was asked as a late teen if she was still a virgin. 

“Remember there was that time when Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson were proclaiming their virginity?  I was like, ‘Are you kidding?’”

Oh, how I love Natalie Portman, don’t you?

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Looks like “Girls Gone Wild” founder & producer Joe Francis doesn’t like showing his face while wearing those chains, now does it?

Francis was spotted leaving Federal Court in Panama City, Florida the other day with his legal folders covering his face, though not those heavy duty chains.  The naughty boy has plead guilty to a count of criminal contempt of court & is facing three more weeks of jail time.

Seems kinda like the guy likes to be in jail…..

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It’s not really odd to see Matthew McConaughey on a bike in Malibu, now is it?

But to see the actor in a wet suit reading best-selling book The Case for Christ while on a stationary bike on Thursday is rather odd, I would say.

I wonder why McConaughey insists on wearing that damn wet suit?  Doesn’t he know we need a strong dose of sexy in the morning?

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British actress & all-around crazy person Sienna Miller is apparently desperate to start popping out the babies.

Miller has recently mentioned that she truly misses being with ex-fiance Jude Law’s children & is quite anxious to start her own crazy family.

Apparently Miller & her new man have been giving the idea some thought, according to an insider anyway.

The source reveals, “Sienna misses the kids of her ex, Jude Law, so much that she says she can’t wait to become a mum herself.

“For now though, it’s all about her acting – but she really can’t wait to have her own children. She and Jamie have been inseparable over the past few weeks. It certainly seems very serious.”

Wowzers!  That is one woman you do not want to date!  First date & she’s asking you if you’re ready to start a family.  Watch out!

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After several months & more months of speculation, it looks like Vanessa Minnillo has finally sunk those claws deep enough into beau Nick Lachey’s arms that they’re moving in together.

The couple, who have been dating more than a year now, have purchased a two bedroom condo at the prestigious Atelier towers in Manhattan on West 42nd Street.  Congrats to the happy couple, hope the happiness lasts after the shack-up.

Guess how much the pair paid for the luxury condo?  Try $2 million.  Just pennies, eh?  So, wonder how long these two are going to last….

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Poor Alec Baldwin.  After leaving that very nasty message on his daughter Ireland’s voicemail, the dear man hasn’t heard the end of it.  And maybe that’s for the good, eh? 

Here’s good ole Alec now trying to convince us the whole thing was just a parent’s subtle mistake.

“Outside the doors of divorce court, I have friends, I have respect from people I work with and I have a normal relationship with my daughter. All of that is threatened whenever one enters a court room. ”

~Alec Baldwin

See scoop here!

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Madonna Disses Baby Daddy


Pop queen Madonna dissed her baby’s daddy this weekend.  That’s kinda funny, seeing as how she reportedly agreed to a meeting with her adopted son David Banda’s biological father.

The trio were supposed to meet-up on Saturday, but a source at the Home of Hope orphanage in Malawi siad that the meeting was called off, and no reason given.

Ironically, Madonna was to meet with Nelson Mandela in South Africa after her visit with David’s father, but his people told her people that Mandela was just a wee too busy to see her.  Ha!  Karma’s a bitch, eh?

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Drunkypants Cameron Diaz was spotted last week leaving none other than Paris Hilton’s house completely wasted.

Diaz even needed help from a supposed pal to help her into the back seat of her car.  Wow, must have been one wild night at the Hilton house.

Why are Cam & Paris even friends anyway?  It seems like good ole Cameron would be above that by now…..

What do you think?

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Sweetiepie Katie Holmes has recently taken a break from her crazypants man Tom Cruise & begun filming a movie, about damn time if you ask me.

Holmes met back up with Cruise in New York City earlier this week for a private dinner that was aiming to raise money for a “Detoxification Project”.  The project, as it were, is based on the principles of Scientology & will offer free treatment to workers who suffer breathing problems due to toxin exposure at Ground Zero.

Sounds like Tom has a soft spot, or does he?  I have a sneaking suspicion that this so-called “Detoxification Project” is just a cover for more spreading of the so-called religion Scientology & that really and truly TomKat are aliens at heart.  I’m really just taking a shot in the dark on this one, but if the Enquirer can do it, so can we.

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Selma Blair in Promises Rehab Center?


Lemme first start by saying that I rarely put stock in what the Enquirer reports & reveals, but I think there might be an ounce of truth in this one.

The tabloid is reporting that hottiepants actress Selma Blair has entered Promises rehab center.  Yes, that’s the same place Britney crazypants Spears did her time.

Apparently Blair recently checked in for a secret stint at the facility.  Pals have revealed that Blair has been suffering from substance abuse for years & decided it was finally time to do something about her addiction. 

An insider revealed, “She embraced what she learned at Promises and distinguished herself as a model patient.”

I dunno, guys.  Tell you what, if anyone can get a photo of cutiepie Selma in the rehab center, I’ll believe it.  Until then, I’m going to still picture ole Selma on the beach sipping freshly-made margaritas.

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