Tara Reid Needs Fashion Help As Usual

As usual, crazypants Tara Reid is in some desperate need for fashion help.  Actually, I feel that good ole Tara probably qualifies for a fashion emergency. The queen of looking bad was spotted leaving her Beverly Hills stylist Thursday looking plaid, spotted, dotted & checked.  What the hell was she thinking when she left the […]

Quote Of the Day: Jenna Jameson On Getting Breast Implants Removed

“When I had implants, I felt uncomfortable. I would be shy at the beach. I know it sounds funny, but I’d wear high-necked clothes – unless I was at an adult-film convention. So I thought, Why don’t I be who I am and get my real ones back?” ~Jenna Jameson on getting breast implants removed

Daily Dose Of Zen: Bridget Moynahan Delivers Baby Boy Brady

Time goes by so fast when it’s not you having the baby.  Bridget Moynahan has reportedly given birth to Tom Brady’s love child in Los Angeles. Moynahan gave birth on Wednesday to a healthy little baby boy.  Brady skipped football practice in order to see his new little football player. Congrats to the happy family!

Isn’t It Nice To Know That Fergie Is Just Like You?

 Black Eyed Peas frontwoman Fergie was spotted looking a little less than herself than usual earlier this week. The singer was seen between a wardrobe change before a David LaChapelle photo shoot in Hollywood.  You know, it’s just kinda nice to know that before Photoshop, Fergie looks just like us, but without the paparazzi.

You Tell Me: Would John Mayer & Cameron Diaz Make a Hot Couple?

Well folks, the word on the street by a pimp named Slim is that John Mayer & surfer girl Cameron Diaz might be trying to get into each other’s pants. The rumors are flying that Mayer & Diaz were seen enjoying a romantic dinner in New York City earlier this week.  The duo were spotted […]

Quote Of the Day: Fergie On Being a Tease

“I’m a big flirt, but I don’t give it away every time I want to. I guess I’m a tease.” ~Fergie on being a tease

Daily Dose of Zen: Brad Pitt Takes It Back To New Orleans

After a very public outing in Chicago with partner in love Angelina Jolie, the sexy Brad Pitt got straight back to work in his adopted hometown of New Orleans. Pitt was seen taking a tour on Tuesday of the newly constructed Global Green community which features low-income housing for the city’s Lower Ninth Ward. I […]

Amy Winehouse: Just Another Celebrity Trainwreck

Amy Winehouse is giving good ole Lindsay Lohan a run for her money, as the British singer is the newest celebrity trainwreck in town. Winehouse has reportedly hit the ground running after she left rehab for the second time in one week after she had a major blowout with hubby Blake. The songbird left her cage for […]