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Quote of the Day: Eric Bana on Women


“I learned a lot about women through my wife, actually, so I was a bit of a late bloomer in that respect. I’ve always really loved the company of women, I quite often find them more interesting. Men spend a lot of time playing games with bravado and bullshit whereas I think women can be far more honest.”

~Eric Bana

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As we reported on Wednesday, Rosie O’Donnell plans to leave “The View” at the end of the season, citing a disagreement on contract terms.

Well, it looks like Rosie put that lightly.  Apparently O’Donnell pulled the number, 10 million out of her wide ass to ABC.  Hilariously, Rosie asked the broadcasting network for $10 million for her continued talk show hosting for a year.   Wow, what, did she not really want to go back on the show & decided to pull out a big one they could never agree to?

Interestingly, ABC was willing to negotiate, countering Rosie’s $10 million for one year, for $3o million for three years.  But O’Donnell didn’t budge one bit, only wanting to do one more year of the show. 

Hmm, anyone up for giving me $30 million for co-hosting “The View” is more than welcome!

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On Thursday, hottiepants Josh Hartnett took a break while shooting a scene for August in New York.

Hartnett is playing the role of one of two brothers who were working on Wall Street a month before 9/11.

You just have to love Josh.  Whenever he’s spotted out & about by the pap, he always gets this sexy look of disdain on his face, as if that’s going to help matters.

I love it, don’t you?

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Sunday night was probably filed under ‘worst night eva’ for Sandra Bullock & her motorcycle enthusiast hubby Jesse James.  Late Sunday evening, a fan of James’ almost killed him after an attack at the couple’s home in Orange County.

Police are revealing that Bullock & James’ 10-year-old child, could only look on as Marcia Valentine “attempted 3 or 4 times to run Jesse James over with her silver Mercedes.”  Thankfully, Jesse was never hit by the vehicle.

The cops are also stating that Valentine also “laid in the driveway and wouldn’t move.”

The Orange County sheriff’s department responded to the scene, but Valentine had left before they arrived.  Shortly after the incident, Marcia was located & is now being held on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, death by Mercedes I assume.

Bullock & James’ rep just recently stated, “The incident did occur. Both Jesse James and Sandra Bullock are fine and it is now in the hands of the authorities.”

Jeez, talk about a ‘I”m your number one fan’ kinda thing.

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A Day in the Life of Britney Spears


This photo doesn’t really make you wanna rush out & get famous, now does it?

Man, talk about that getting old.

Britney Spears & her entourage of nine paparazzi were spotted in Malibu Tuesday.  The pap were trying to get a good, clean shot of Brit in her convertible & find out just where the pop princess was heading. 

That’s just gotta suck.

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joe-francis-wild-4-26-07.jpgI’ll tell ya, it doesn’t look so good for “Girls Gone Wild” producer Joe Francis.  Nope, not too good at all.

Francis has now been charged by another woman with one count of misdemeanor sexual battery which was filed in the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office.  Karma it a bitch, isn’t it, Joe?

A spokesman for the L.A. attorney’s office has recently revealed that an 18-year-old girl has come forward after she attended a birthday party where Francis allegedly touched the girl in her breasts, butt & inner thigh. 

Joe is said to be arraigned May 22, if convicted of the crime, he could face a maximum of six months in jail.  Which doesn’t sound so bad, considering what else he has on that prison plate of his…

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Rapper Eve was arrested early Thursday morning after she wrecked her gold Maserati on Hollywood Boulevard. 

Eve, whose real name is Eve Jeffers, was driving about Hollywood at 2:45am this morning, when the XXX star ran into a center divider, totaling that beautiful Italian car of hers.

TMZ was luckily at the scene & reports that after the police arrived, Eve was placed in handcuffs & taken away.  There were two passengers in the car that appeared unhurt.

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“The Hills” star Heidi Montag was spotted in California on April 22, just three weeks after getting that noticeable boob & nose job.

The 20-year-old MTV-er turned heads on the beaches of Malibu with her boyfriend Spencer Pratt.

“She looked awesome!  She seemed really happy,” one witness was quoted as saying.

Reportedly, Beverly Hills doctor Frank Ryan did both surgeries after Montag came to him saying that she had always wanted to be a C-cup.  Join the club, Heidi.  Join the club.

“Whatever women need to do to feel sexy, they should do,” recently revealed.

Although Heidi has not admitted to having the boob & nose surgeries, though it’s quite noticeable, it looks like the reality star is in a good place.

“I’m in a great place in my life right now,” she states.

So, you tell me…

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Hot mamma Angelina Jolie filed a petition in an L.A. court on April 16 to have the name of her adopted Vietnamese son, Pax Thien Jolie, to be changed to Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt.

A hearing is to be held at the Santa Monica Courthouse on May 31 to discuss the name change.

Reportedly, in court documents, Jolie states that she is “the sole adoptive parent of the child” but is requesting the name change “in order that her child’s last name will incorporate and be combined with the last name of her partner and be the same as that of her other children.”

We all remember, of course, that in January 2006 Ang changed the name of her two other adopted children, Maddox & Zahara, to Jolie-Pitt as a symbol of her dedication to her new partner, Brad Pitt.

Well, it’s all rather sweet if you ask me.  Name half the world Jolie-Pitt if you like.  Hell, I might even take the last name!

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On Monday teen queen Lindsay Lohan was spotted at Hollywood hotspot Winston’s apparently channeling Daisy Duke, though not in a good way really.

The flannel-sporting actress arrived at the club holding the hand of none other than pal Nicole Richie.   It seems like Richie should have been the one to prevent LL from leaving the house looking like she’s going off to hunt coon or something.

Jeez, this is one bad Daisy Duke look, eh?

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Well, it looks like the truth has finally come out, Victoria Posh Beckham is one big meanie.  According to an NBC insider, she is arrogant & very difficult to work with.

As NBC chronicles David & wife Victoria Beckham’s move from the UK to the US, the network is finding out what a grade A bitch the woman really is.

Here’s the insider now, “We think she’s full of herself and not very nice. She’s very picky, demanding and rude. And she was mean to the assistants, too.

“She waltzes around with her icy attitude. People will walk up to her and say, ‘Welcome to America’, or, ‘Good luck with the move’, and she doesn’t even stop to talk to them.

“The show is designed to make her a star in the States, but she’s dreaming if she thinks that’s going to happen. She’s coming off as a grade-A bitch!’ It is also alleged the show’s nervous producers are worried the series will be boring and a major flop.

“No one knows what to do with her to make the show interesting – she’s so boring! Every suggestion the producers make, she rejects.”

Okay, so I have an idea for the show.  Have someone confront her about her bitchy ways & see how she reacts.  Then schedule sessions with a bitch counselor.  I think it may just work.  What do you think?

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“I would like to thank the public.”

“Wherever I go, kids are like, ‘Oh my God.’ But the best part is that we raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for animals.”

~Heather Mills

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If you believe the buzz, talk show queen Rosie O’Donnell will be saying goodbye to “The View” today.

According to reports, O’Donnell may be saying farewell to her audience on the popular talk show Wednesday.  Of course, Rosie will more than likely stay through the end of the season, but dismiss herself afterward. 

Unfortunately, Rosie’s rep was unreachable for comment sake, but they probably weren’t going to say much anyhoo.

You tell me- Do you think Rosie’s leaving?

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Ouch!  In a recent interview, Luke Wilson reveals a little more than maybe he intended about Jessica Simpson’s acting skills.

The Wilson brother stated, “She’s intelligent enough to know the roles she can do a good job at – it’s not like she’s trying to play Erin Brockovich.”

Wow.  I mean, I totally agree, but it’s funny that Luke out that out there.  I wonder if we should be offended by that….

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31-year-old model/actress Milla Jovovich & her fiance director Paul Anderson are expecting their first child together.  Anderson, who produced all the Resident Evil films, & Jovovich have been hot and cold for going non four years now.

“He got me an antique ring and he proposed four years ago but we broke up in between,” Jovovich revealed.

When the second engagement came calling, Milla asked soon-to-be hubby Paul for a little something smaller this time.

“I was training for a film at the time and I was unable to train with the ring he got me, so I asked him to get me a more casual, smaller ring and he bought one for me,” Milla stated.

No news yet on the when & where of the potential wedding.

“No, not yet. We talk about it casually. I have a good girlfriend in Italy. She is part of an ancient Italian family and they have a castle so we are hoping to get married there,” Milla went on to say.

You know, I’m happy for Milla, provided that it all works out.  I have been a longtime fan of the girl, even after realizing what a crazy self-involved person she actually is.

Congrats to the happy couple all the same!

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Let me just go ahead & reveal that this image of Mischa Barton is not, I repeat- NOT, from a movie set.  Which makes it all the more scarey, right?

Barton was spotted shopping in London on Monday wearing a pair of high-waisted trousers & an antique Fleetwood Mac t-shirt.  Clearly the poor girl’s wardrobe was robbed by vandals & all they left her was her old 80s stuff. 

At least Mischa is shopping for new stuff, but hurry up, girl!  Tiffany called & she wants her look back!

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In a wardrobe move that’s left us all guessing what might be next, Britney crazypants Spears was spotted in hot Los Angeles sporting a fur shawl.  Where is PETA when you need them, dammit?!

Later in the evening, Spears donned a silly white hat, silky shirt, same damn cowboy boots she’s been wearing lately, along with that furry thing draped across her shoulders.  The girl has to be hot & crazy to wear such a thing in L.A. at the end of April.  We need intervention & we need it fast!

PETA to the rescue!

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