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Amy Winehouse: Just Another Celebrity Trainwreck

Amy Winehouse is giving good ole Lindsay Lohan a run for her money, as the British singer is the newest celebrity trainwreck in town. Winehouse has reportedly hit the ground running after she left rehab for the second time in one week after she had a major blowout with hubby Blake. The songbird left her cage for […]

Jessica Simpson On Set Of ‘Major Movie Star’ Film

You know, sometimes celebs can just get under your skin, ’cause they’re looking so hot all the time.  But you know, Jessica Simpson’s toned arms are the last straw!  Can I please get a movie deal so I can spend every other waking moment to make my body my priority, please?  Oh yes, can you […]

Sienna Miller Spotted Nude Sun Bathing In Spain

Lovely British sweetheart Sienna Miller was seen sun bathing nude in Ibiza, Spain just the other lucky day.  Doesn’t her highness look quite the cover girl? Miller was in the fortunate company of fellow Brit actor Rhys Ifans, who, rumor has it, is in love with the Factory Girl star. Hrmm, not sure what I […]

You Tell Me: Have You Had Your Fill Of Kevin Federline?

As Kevin Federline prepares for his guest appearance on “One Tree Hill”, I wonder if anyone really wants to see more of the K-Fed. I mean, isn’t everyone just about over this redneck turned rapper?  There’s only room enough for one of these greasy fellows & unless you’re willing to give up Kid Rock, we’ve got some problems. You tell me, are […]

Quote Of the Day: Simon Cowell On Turning ‘American Idol’ Into Movie

“It is called Starstruck. We’re writing the script as we talk. “It is about 10 contestants who enter a gigantic singing contest. It’s like Rocky. It’s about good versus evil, and it will be very, very realistic. “I’m going to cast the lead parts through an open audition process across America. So if you get […]

Daily Dose Of Zen: Hayden Panettiere Turns 18!

Well folks, you can finally gawk at Hayden Panettiere without feeling like too much of a creep.  The actress/singer turns 18-years-old today! So, bring on the porn everyone!  You know you’re dying for some Panettiere panties.  If she’s a Leo, does that mean she’ll give us the goods then?

Lindsay Lohan Walks the Utah Rehab Bitches

Teen queen Lindsay Lohan was spotted not so much enjoying an outdoor walk right outside her Utah rehab facility. LL was seen walking one of the rehab’s pups, or really & truly, LL was seen being walked by a rehab bitch the other day. Looks like wherever Lohan goes, she always remembers her “water” bottle.  Good ole Linds, she’s got […]

Sean Penn Is One Hot Daddy

I think we should all take at least a moment out of our busy Tuesday in order to give actor Sean Penn the credit he deserves.  No, not for his courageous acting career, nor for his love of being a father, but because the dude is freaking 47-years-old & STILL looks damn hot! How does the Penn do it?  Hmm, […]

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt & Family Do Chicago Air & Water Show

The Chicago Air & Water Show is regarded as the largest two-day spectator event in the U.S. & it got even bigger when none other than Angelina Jolie, partner in crime Brad Pitt & the whole family showed up for the spectacular show.  The Hollywood duo, with brood in tow enjoyed the event with a boat ride on Lake […]