Paris Hilton Bids Farewell to Publicist Elliot Mintz

Paris Hilton is a woman of follow-through.  Just hours after her 45-day sentencing for driving with a suspended license, Hilton fired her publicist Elliot Mintz.  Mintz released the following statement: “The day after the hearing, I sent an e-mail expressing my sadness over the ruling of the judge and the irrational sentence he imposed. In that e-mail I also offered my […]

Quote of the Day: Lindsay Lohan Pal Reveals LL Snorting Cocaine

  “Lindsay does not care who sees her do coke and where she does it.” “She carries round a water bottle to try to fool everyone into thinking she is clean but she tips the water out and refills it with vodka and soda.” Ouch, that one’s gotta sting.  Enjoy these leaked images of Lindsay […]

Brittany Murphy Marries Scruffy Screenwriter Simon Monjack?

Us Weekly is reporting that cutiepants Brittany Murphy has recently married scruffy screenwriter Simon Monjack.  What the hell?  How did that one slip by so easily, I wonder?  29-year-old Murphy was seen partying with Monjack at the Kentucky Derby Saturday, where they were both sporting wedding rings. An insider reveals, “[Murphy and Montjack] were drinking […]

Daily Dose of Zen: Mike Meyers & Cameron Diaz Ham It Up for ‘Shrek 3’ Premiere

What an interesting weekend it was!  Paris Hilton getting ready for the slammer while the entire cast of Shrek 3 lined up on the red carpet in Los Angeles Sunday for the U.S. premiere. A newly blonde Cameron Diaz & Mike Meyers hammed it up for the premiere of the ogre-ridden third installment of the animated […]

Paris Hilton Prepares for 45-Day Jail Sentence

Wow.  Who would have thought that hotel heiress Paris Hilton would really face jail time for driving with a suspended license?  This should be an interesting experience.   I wonder if Martha Stewart has any words of wisdom for the club-hopping blonde? But it looks like Paris isn’t going to go down to her 45-day jail sentence […]

You Tell Me: Is Kelly Clarkson’s New Album Going to Suck?

Apparently Kelly Clarkson’s new album sucks so bad, that when Sony head honcho, Clive Davis, heard it he chewed Clarkson out for doing such a terrible album & wasting his time. An insider reveals, “It was an extraordinary presentation. Clive was absolutely merciless in his criticism of Kelly. She’s one of the biggest priorities on the […]

Jada Pinkett Smith Says Katie Holmes No Tom Cruise Prisoner

As rumors abound about Katie Holmes being trapped in a marriage to Tom Cruise, friends of the couple are stepping up to reveal what’s what. Jada Pinkett Smith, recently gave PEOPLE the lowdown, saying that Katie is no prisoner, “It burns my soul – I see her in the house with Tom; he doesn’t have […]

Christina Aguilera Reunites with Old Pal Mickey Mouse

Reunited, and it feels so good!  A lot of reunited couples on the docket today.  Christina Aguilera was spotted on Wednesday getting all puckered up for her old pal Mickey Mouse. The unlikely pair were taking time for smooches & photographs at the Disney-MGM Studios in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.  Xtina originally appeared on “Star […]

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Reunite in Prague

Reunited, and it feels so good!  Just five days after Angelina Jolie was spotted getting it on with ex-beau Olivier Martinez while partner Brad Pitt was in L.A. with the kids, the hot Hollywood couple have reunited in Prague, Czech Republic. Brangelina arrived at the Prague airport Tuesday night, with the four kiddies in tow.  After a quick […]

Quote of the Day: George Clooney On Fatherhood & Children

“I don’t know why everyone wants me to become a father – I’m so selfish and I get nervous around kids and I know I’m not ready for that kind of life. “I’ve settled into a very comfortable lifestyle and I really don’t want to change things. I’ve learnt enough about myself to know that […]

Brandy Sued By Crash Victim’s Husband & Parents

In a case that unfortunately looks very similar to I Know What You Did Last Summer, Brandy Norwood is being sued by the husband of the woman that was killed in the car crash in which Brandy was involved.  In court documents filed in an L.A. court on Thursday, Marquane Hdidou is claiming that Brady & another motorist […]

You Tell Me: Is Angelina Jolie Giving Out Lap Dances?

Angelina Jolie just can’t seem to escape the bad press these days.  Recently, while partner Brad Pitt was at home sitting the kids, Jolie apparently had a good time at an after party for a documentary. Jolie was seen getting a little close & personal with ex-flame Olivier Martinez. According to an insider, “She turned to [Olivier] on […]

Christina Applegate Tries to Reason with Paparazzi in Bikini

Interestingly Christina Applegate, Alyson Hannigan & skinny minny Kate Bosworth all have invited the paparazzi to Hawaii this week to take pics of their newly hot bods. Kinda odd, but I guess if you’re spotted on the beach looking hot, it might put some well-needed life back into your career? Anyhoo, enough was enough for […]

Happy Belated Birthday Beckham!

Well, we kinda goofed up & forgot all about David Beckham’s 32nd birthday! But never fear, we’re making up for the slip-up with a birthday pic!  To celebrate David’s big day, wife Victoria took the platinum stallion to London’s Cipriani for dinner. The couple look fab, though I think I’m kinda done with David’s do.  […]