Adam And Boyfriend: Doing Great

He was a hit from the start, and even when he openly admitted that he is gay, Adam Lambert’s fan base did not suffer. Indeed, it was to be expected. Now he is on the road with fellow Idol contestants, but he says that his relationship with boyfriend Drake LaBray is going strong.

Bradley Cooper: Jen And I Are NOT Dating

Is this what a failed marriage to Brad Pitt does to a girl? I swear, every month, we hear about Jen Aniston supposedly dating some guy and the next day, we have the guy going out in public saying that they are just rumors. Despite reports that Jen and Bradley have been seen twice in […]

Jon’s Tabloid Reporter Girl Resigns

Just the other day, she was an unknown. Now, Kate Major has quit her job at the tabloid she works for, citing conflict of interest. Is this a sign that what’s going on between her and Jon is something serious? Then again, Jon is seen with a different girl practically every week! What makes her […]

Jon Gosselin And New Girl At The Hamptons

Jon seems to be living the life now that he is single again. First it was the daughter of the doctor who performed a tummy tuck on Kate. Now it’s a tabloid reporter named Kate Major. What do they all see in him?

Jennifer Aniston And Gerard Butler Together?

Jennifer Aniston has a new guy in her life! A source close to her says that she and Gerard Butler have been working on some extra kissing practice off the set of their movie “The Bounty.” She looks happy, doesn’t she?

Jon Gosselin NOT Engaged

He was seen in Paris with girlfriend Hailey. They even say that he proposed to her with a ring costing 6 figures. A source close to Jon Gosselin says that the rumors are 100 percent false, though.

Bradley Cooper Says Jennifer Aniston Is Just A Friend

Poor girl. She once had the hottest man on earth as her husband. Now, it seems that every other guy considers her as “just a friend!” The Hangover star reportedly had a late night dinner with Jen, but was quick to dispel any rumors that they are seeing each other romantically. What is wrong with […]

Miley-Nick Jonas Reconciliation In The Works?

So Miley and Justin have really split. The guy confessed that he is utterly miserable, and what has been Miley up to? She says that she has reconnected with ex Nick Jonas. They’ve always been best friends, she said, and who knows what the future may hold? Yup, you’re very very young, girl.

Britney Spears Dating Jason Trawick

And who the heck is he? The next Justin Timberlake? Nah, they may have the same initials but Trawick is far from being the next sensation. He’s Britney’s agent and current beau. They’ve been good friends for the longest time and perhaps it is indeed time to take their relationship to the next level.

Ryan Seacrest’s Colorful Love Life

The American Idol host has a girlfriend. She is Jasmine Waltz, an actress and bartender, whom Ryan took out on a date to Paris. The other night, though, Ryan was seen checking out Katie Couric when she visited the set of the show. When asked if he would go for her, he gave a definite […]