Top Three Celebrities Least Expected to Go Bankrupt

Why is it not expected for celebrities to go bankrupt? Is it  because of the seemingly never-ending flow of money that comes in staggering amounts? Is it the vast talent and skills that they possess that assure them of a continuous money-making mechanism? Or is it because they … [Read more...]

Mobile Luxury: What’s inside a Hollywood Actor’s Trailer

We’ve all seen actors with their awesome luxury mobile vans that follow them around on film shoots. In Hollywood, almost every actor has their own special touch that makes their vans different from everyone else’s. If you’ve stood there, on set, and watched them disappear into … [Read more...]

No “Normal” Guy For Jen Aniston

A source close to Jennifer Aniston says that you won't see her dating normal guys; that what she does is to go after the hottest guy at the moment, so that she will get herself in the limelight. Think Brad Pitt, John Mayer, Bradley Cooper, and Gerard Butler. I think, it's … [Read more...]

The U2 Way

No, it's not a figure of speech. It is actually the name of a street in New York - part of the 53rd Street between Broadway and 8th Avenue. Mayor Bloomberg honored the band by temporarily renaming that street. Way to go Mayor! … [Read more...]

Jonas Brothers: Movie Disappointing?

Remember about a week ago when we heard wild forecasts about the 3D movie of THE brothers? Well, apparently, it did not do as well as forecasted. The movie didn't do that bad, actually, getting abotu $12.7 million in the first 3 days. It was short of the $15m that the studio … [Read more...]