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Cesar Millan Pays Ex-Wife $400,000 To Keep Quiet

Cesar Millan is definitely digging deep in his doggie stash to keep the peace with his ex-wife. After ending their marriage in June 2010, the 42 year old Animal Planet superhero doesn’t seem fazed with his ex-wife’s financial demands to keep her silence. Millan has agreed to appease his ex spouse, Ilusion,  with a mouth […]

Ronan Keating Finally Admits His Marriage is Over

The marriage is over between Ronan Keating and his wife Yvonne. This is a recent development on the Irish singer who has been riding a rough tumble and toss in his personal life. But during a photo call with his old Boyzone mate, Keith Duffy, Ronan stepped up to finally admit to the public that […]

Seal and Heidi Klum Release Split Up Statement

A lot of tongues wagged when Seal somehow snatched up gorgeous Heidi Klum. The more vicious ones kept throwing the same question out there: how did the singer manage to get her attention? I say that it is a reflection of Heidi Klum’s priorities. Yup, people, not all women are after those hot, hunky guys. […]

Sinead O’ Connor Pulls the Plug on her 18day Marriage

Hollywood marriages seem to get on a pretty short trend these days. This makes you wonder how much thought these celebrities put into the word commitment as after all the wedding glitz … the evident divorce circus ring with their lawyers and the media certainly looks like a normal day on the set of their […]

It’s official ! Kim Kardashian files for divorce

72! Yep, that’s the magic number. 72 days is all it boiled down to after all the hype and media circus we all got subjected to months before the actual wedding day of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Barely two and a half months down the road of their big fat wedding, Kim has confirmed […]

Ryan Reynolds: Taking It Easy With Love

The “Sexiest Man Alive” is apparently still hurting over his divorce from his 2-year marriage to now ex-wife Scarlett Johannson.  Ryan Reynolds says he still needs time to heal to this day after their divorce last December. In an interview, the 34 year old actor, who we want to see in funny T-shirts admits he’s […]

Top Ten Shortest Hollywood Marriages

Hollywood is all about glitter and glamour and of course weddings always are a hot and very glamourous event in the town of celebrities. Sadly many weddings are really short-lived and do not last as long as Brangelina. Of course we must be honest here and while we do like our daily dose of schadenfreude, […]

Split Season

It’s like Hollywood is running low on love fuel. The number of couples who are on their way to splitsville is growing by the day. Larry King and Shawn Southwick (c) WENN

Brad and Angelina Split?

For years, they seemed like the perfect Hollywood couple. Now, various websites have reported that Brad Pitt, 40, and Angelina Jolie, 34, are on their way to splitsville. Team Jennifer can now rejoice. Amidst rumors swirling about their unhappy home life, Brad Pitt steps out earlier in the day on January 6, 2010 in New […]

Usher And Tameka Officially Divorced

Usher and Tameka Foster Raymond are officially divorced. We heard news about Usher filing for divorce earlier this year and how Tameka was contesting the details. Last week, the court gave the final decision on the divorce – they are both officially single now!

Edward Furlong: Judgment Day

Back in the day he was a teen heartthrob, thanks to movies such as Terminator 2, Pecker, and American History X. Now, Edward Furlong is fighting a battle far more toxic than cyborgs—his ex wife, Rachael Bella (a.k.a Rachael Kneeland). Citing irreconcilable differences, she filed for divorce last summer and in usual Hollywood fashion, things […]

Kate Plus Eight, Minus Jon

I say it’s about time! The show Jon & Kate Plus Eight has been renamed to Kate Plus Eight, highlighting the separation of the parents. Now, it will focus on Kate being a single mother of eight. As for Jon, he says he has not been kicked out and will still appear in the show […]

Fred Durst And Wife Separate

A mere three months after Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst got married to Esther Nazarov, the couple have decided to go separate ways. Durst released a statement saying “for those of you inquiring I will confirm that Esther and I have decided to go our separate ways and we both thank you for your support.”

Avril Lavigne And Deryk Whibley Separate

The sk8ter girl and boi are going their separate ways after six years of marriage. Avril Lavigne recently announced that after their long relationship, they are both moving on “on a positive note.” No hard feelings.

Jon Gosselin’s Lawyer Drops Him

Jon and Kate’s divorce might not go through as fast as they would want it to. Apparently, Jon’s divorce lawyer has dropped him. No reason has been give, but he has filed a petition to withdraw. Bet on how soon they find a new lawyer?

Jon Gosselin: I Don’t Trust Kate Anymore

Not that I am taking the woman’s side here, but isn’t it Kate who ought to have more trust issues with a cheating husband? Anyhow, in the second part of Jon’s interview with GMA, he said that he doesn’t trust his wife anymore; that she was constantly abusing him verbally; that he was beaten down. […]

Eddie Cibrian Divorcing His Wife

It’s official. Eddie Cibrian has filed for divorce against Brandi Glanville, his wife of eight years. She said that it was her who asked to be divorced, and that he agreed.

Billy Joel Sells Homes

No, he has not switched careers to become a real estate agent. He is merely selling a couple of houses in the Hamptons as a result of his split with third wife, Katie Lee Joel. The real real estate agent, Biana Stepanian, says that the larger home is selling for $22.5 million while the bungalow […]

Jon Gosselin is NOT Joining “Divorced Dad’s Club”

It’s a “real” club, at least as real as reality TV can get. Divorced Dad’s Club is actually a new reality TV show in the making, and it has been rumored that Jon will be joining the cast. A rep from the production company says that no talks are going on, though. What do you […]