Jennifer Ansiton’s Publicist Stephen Huvane & Perez Hilton at War

We all know that Jennifer Ansiton & Vince Vaughn are no more, and I think we knew that like last year or something.  With Aniston's rep Stephen Huvane officially coming out with the couple's break-up on Wednesday, it's leaving us doing a little second-guessing. Blogger … [Read more...]

Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Lost in Translation

Gwyneth Paltrow spends more than half her time in London since she is married to Brit Chris Martin, and Gwen has sone strong feelings about the English that she recently told a Portuguese newspaper about.  Here is Gwen now, "The British are much more intelligent and civilized … [Read more...]

Michael Richards Ready for Legal Apology

57-year-old Michael Richards has been a naughty boy & I'm thinking that he didn't make Santa's list this year.  The former Seinfeld star has been caught up in a hurricane of controversy after TMZ released a video of the comedian throwing out racial slurs at African … [Read more...]

50 Cent Says Oprah Winfrey is White

According to rapper 50 Cent, talk show host Oprah Winfrey is not flying her true colors.  In the January edition of Elle, the 31-year-old rapper says that Oprah may have started with black women's views, but sure didn't stick with them. Here is the rapper now, stating … [Read more...]

Nicole Richie Named Worst Dressed of the Year by PETA

PETA has officially named the Worst Dressed of the Year for 2006.  I bet you can't guess, can you?  Tell you what, I'll give you a hint.  She's pictured in this post.  Yes, you guessed it- Nicole Richie, you are so smart! Stylist hater Nicole Richie has been named PETA's … [Read more...]