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Gisele Bundchen Comforts, Defends Tom Brady

The New England Patriots suffered a disheartening loss against the New York Giants at last Sunday’s Super Bowl. The match was closely fought until the very last part of the game, which makes it a more painful defeat for the Patriots. Tom Brady, the Patriots’ quarterback, was especially sad after the game. But trust his loving wife Gisele Bundchen to console his husband. Read the rest of this entry »


It’s probably not what you’re thinking. McAfee Inc., known for its virus scanner, conducted a survey about celebrities which will most likely get you malware over the Internet if you do a search on them. At the top of the list, we have Jessica Biel, who is followed closely by Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Brady and Jessica Simpson. You can safely search for the First Couple, though.


Tom Wants His Own Brady Bunch

Tom has already one child and has another on the way. He says, though, that he is just getting started. If he has his way, he will have lots more of kids. And what does wife Gisele have to say about it? Well, they are like minded in the matter!

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady hit the beach in Costa Rica

Are they suckers for the wedding bells and frills? Probably. The couple has already gone through the ceremony but they are having another one, this time in Costa Rica. Well let’s hope that getting married twice means they’re in it for the long haul!


Say Hello To Mrs. Tom Brady

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Costume Institute Annual Gala - Arrivals

Not long after we heard rumors about Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen getting engaged, the couple tied the knot! These two gorgeous people exchanged “I dos” yesterday in California. The bride – and her 3 dogs – were dressed by Dolce & Gabbana.


Tom Brady Engaged!

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Costume Institute Annual Gala - Arrivals

More congratulations have to be handed out – this time to football star Tom Brady and his supermodel fiance Gisele Bundchen. Despite being benched for the season, Tom Brady has not lost his touch off the field it seems. Good news for the holidays, don’t you think?



Brand new mama Bridget Moynahan was spotted taking out her 2-week-old son for a walk around the block.

Baby Tom Brady, or as he is really known- John Edward Thomas (destined to be a senator, isn’t he?), enjoyed a blissful ride around his Pacific Palisades home on Tuesday.  Little does the tyke know that we expect a lot out of him, or at least some drama combined with some football.



While footballer Tom Brady was mainly absent during the birth of his son by ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan, he’s now going to be absent in a whole different, more permanent way. 

A healthy little boy was born to mama Bridget August 22 & she has now named the child John Edward Thomas Moynahan.  Notice anything that might be missing?

Sounds like ole Bridg just wants to get past this Brady period in her life…


Time goes by so fast when it’s not you having the baby.  Bridget Moynahan has reportedly given birth to Tom Brady’s love child in Los Angeles.

Moynahan gave birth on Wednesday to a healthy little baby boy.  Brady skipped football practice in order to see his new little football player.

Congrats to the happy family!


Knocked-up & super pregs Bridget Moynahan was recently spotted at the gym getting those arms of hers ready for lifting her new baby.

Bridg looks ready to pop out Tom Brady’s baby any day now, I’m not even sure she can wait until te due date this Friday.  Oddly enough, July 20 is the birthday of Tom’s current lady, Gisele Bündchen.

Wonder if Gisele will be there for the birth….


 Well, it’s all just too bad.  I thought a double hitter for Tom Brady would be media fun, but it looks like his current girlfriend Gisele Bundchen is not pregnant after all.

After wildfire rumors over the weekend & even this morning, supermodel Gisele’s rep finally decided to comment on the fact that she was pregnant by the New England Patriot’s quarterback.

According to a spokeman for the Victoria’s Secret model, the pregs rumors are untrue.  Which now only leaves Brady’s ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan pregnant with a superbaby.

Are you disappointed that Gisele isn’t pregs with Brady’s baby?

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Tom Brady is the Hottest Man of the Day



“Mentally, the only players who survive in the pros are the ones able to manage all their responsibilities.”

~Tom Brady

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According to several sources, footballer 29-year-old Tom Brady was apparently blindsided by his ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan’s public announcement that she was three-months pregnant with his child.

Reportedly the Six Degrees star didn’t tell the New England Patriot quarterback until the very last moment about her pregnancy before she announced, through Liz Smith’s New York Post gossip column, that she was indeed pregnant & that the daddy was Tom Brady.

“Pals of Brady claim Moynahan didn’t bother to tell him she was announcing her pregnancy via Liz Smith’s column in The Post on Sunday. “Bridget didn’t even bother to tell him she was going to go public with this,” said a friend. Some say that Moynahan, three months expectant with her first child, “may have gotten pregnant on purpose. She is 36, wanted a baby, and Tom was dumping her. It’s a little suspicious.””

A team Brady pal reveals, “He’s disappointed this is how she’s decided to play it.”

“She announced it to make him look like a jerk.”

But it looks like other sources are saying that Brady didn’t even know about the pregnancy before the news broke, a source states, that Brady “has known about it for a while.”

The couple broke up back in  December after dating over three years.  Brady has since moved on to seeing model 26-year-old Gisele Bundchen who he was vacationing with in Paris, at the Ritz when the news broke. 

According to a Ritz source, on the evening of February 17, Brady started“taking constant calls on his cell”.

What was Gisele’s reaction?  Well, it was one of calm apparently.  The source goes on to say, “Whenever he started to look stern, Gisele would give him a kiss and say, ‘Stay cool.’”

Another team Brady pal says the timing couldn’t have been worse, saying, “Around the time he found out, he started being seen with Gisele. Imagine how that felt.”

Wow.  Well, let’s hope these two somewhat hotheads can work this out for the sake of the baby, as well as for sanity’s sake.


tom-brady-bridget-moynahan-pregnant-2-19-07.bmpUmmm, oops!  Well, it looks like actress Bridget Moynahan & footballer Tom Brady still have some strings attached.  This weekend the news was leaked that  Moynahan is three months pregnant with Brady’s child.  The couple recently split after more than a three year relationship.  Well guys, it looks like it’s not over yet.

36-year-old Bridget & 29-year-old New England Patriots quarterback Brady brokeup back in December after dating for over three years.  At first the news was that the split was amicable, but after time went on it appeared that Brady initiated the split, after Moynahan was spotted losing weight & growing depressed. 

A rep for Moynahan made the following statement, “This it to confirm that actress Bridget Moynahan is over three months pregnant. Former boyfriend Tom Brady is the father. They recently split after a three year relationship. Privacy and consideration is appreciated at this time. No further comments will be made.”

It’s rather doubtful that this child will bring Bridget & Tom back together, as Brady seems to have his eyes set on model Gisele Bundchen these days.


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