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Five Celebrities With Chronic Illnesses

There are many celebrities out there that are suffering from chronic illnesses of all kinds. Some of them are probably even still suffering in silence while many of them have taken the time to speak out and stand up for others with the same illnesses and issues. Chronic illness is hard to live with and […]

Do You Think You Can Spot Them in a Crowd?

Celebrity spotting can be one of the trickiest things to do. This is probably the reason why the paparazzi goes on a frenzy trying to get that ultimate million dollar photo that can make or break any of Hollywood’s glittering roster of celebrities. It would take a trained eye to spot any of these celebrities […]

Pam Anderson’s Crazy Domain

In true Paris Hilton fashion, Pamela Anderson’s new commercial has been banned. She appeared in this commercial for internet company Crazy Domains, but Australia’s Advertising Standards Bureau banned it after receiving numerous complaints. It began airing on TV in December 2009 during mature viewing time, after 8.30 p.m., but was taken off in last month, […]

Pamela Anderson’s “Barely There” Look

Obviously you know I’m not referring to her makeup. At her designer friend Richie Rich’s A*MUSE Fall Fashion Show, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City got a little something extra—or better yet, a little less extra.

Pamela Anderson is trashy

There are moments where I didn’t want to believe, but the writing has been on the wall forever. You figured sooner or later she wouldn’t be able to recover simply due to old age and she would have to change her habits, but what were the chances of that ever happening? As you can see, […]

How They Welcomed 2010

It’s the Year of the Tiger, according to Chinese astrology. “Rawr,” I say! We spied on Hollywood’s party animals to see how they unleashed their inner tigers (and tigresses) on New Year’s Eve. Lady GaGa performed at the Fontainbleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. It wasn’t just her new ‘do and getup that spelled extravagant; […]

Pam Anderson To Sing ONE Note

I can name that tune in… one note. Former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson is adding another talent to her resume: singer. The 42-year-old is launching her pop career with the debut of her single, “High.” This collaboration with her designer friend Richie Rich is supposedly a song about fashion. “We are recording a pop single […]

Pamela Anderson In Debt for Over $1 Million

News is circulating that former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson owes more than $1 million in construction debt and back state taxes. AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – SEPTEMBER 24: Pamela Anderson attends an A Muse photo call during day three of Air New Zealand Fashion Week 2009 at the Westpac Tent, Viaduct Harbour on September 24, 2009 […]

Pam Anderson Gets A Lift

Physically, that is. Remember seeing her not too long ago and thinking what ever happened to her looks? If you have seen her lately, you would wonder what happened to give her back her youthful glow! Popeater even remarks that she looks 20 again! Wonderful what science can do?

Pam Anderson And Sons Soak Up Some Sunshine

Celebrity sighting! Pam Anderson was seen at a beach in Malibu with sons Brandon and Dylan. Both are her sons with Tommy Lee. Not much skin was exposed but hey, any sight of Pamela Anderson is welcome!

“Go suck it!”

So said Pamela Anderson, showing her contempt for candidate Sarah Palin. An animal rights activist, Pamela is shocked by pictures of Sarah in furs — and her sense of being a proud hunter. Well we know one vote Sarah’s not going to get.


What, hell wasn’t bad enough the first time around? Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson have apparently moved back in together. With their kids, too. Aaaaw. One big happily dysfunctional family.

Pamela and Rick hint that “fraud” ended their marriage

Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon are ending their marriage, which lasted about two months. But have opted to file for annulment rather than divorce. Both claim that “fraud” is the reason for their annulment, though neither are explaining why. (Could it be false declaration of breast size?)

Pamela Anderson strips in Paris

Pamela Anderson has agreed to perform in four live strip shows on February 13 and 14 in Paris’ Crazy Horse nightclub. The club spokesperson said that “It’s going to be sexy, beautiful, creative.” The band Harley Davidson will be playing the music — but our guess is nobody’s going to be paying much attention to […]

Pamela Anderson & Rick Salomon Wedding Pictures

Wedding pictures from Pamela Anderson & Rick Salomon’s surprise wedding have finally hit the web. Can I just say that I love the fact that Rick is sporting a knit cap!  Wow.  In the infamous words of Paris Hilton, “That’s hot!” Photos from the hitching were published in OK! Magazine this week, showing a beaming Pam […]

Pamela Anderson Marries Rick Salomon

It’s just not a newsy week unless Pamela Anderson gets married again.  And lo & behold, Pam never disappoints. After a long & thoughtful month of dating, 40-year-old Pam Anderson has married 39-year-old Rick Salomon.  This is the third marriage for both parties, and probably not the last the way things are going…. The duo exchanged […]

How Does David Spade Get Pamela Anderson & Other Hot Chicks?

Okay, I was a little suspicious of the Heather Locklear hookup, she was going through a hard time, you know. But how the hell does David Spade continuously get all the hot ladies?  I mean, he’s so far from hot & so far from funny, how does he do it? Spade was caught getting a […]