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Top 5 Richest Rappers

If you had said in the 1980’s that the hip hop genre would produce some of the richest recording artists and producers in the world then you would have been laughed at. Back then, the genre was seen as an outlet for the lower income groups and minorities to express themselves. Today, however, this genre has grown by leaps and bounds and its influence can be seen not only in the music industry but in fashion, games and has spurned a few reality television shows.

People admire them and many of us would like to be them, the successful hip hop artists of today rake in millions in record sales, clothing and fragrance lines. These artists are very successful in business as well – here is a list of some of the richest hip hop artists of our time:

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50 Cent On Rihanna And Chris Brown


It took a leaked photo of a battered Rihanna for him to say something to the effect that it’s not funny. Let me tell you, 50, it never was funny in the first place! Ask Rihanna that – even if she were not that battered, she probably wouldn’t have thought it funny. Ever.


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