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Wax On, Wax Off: Prince Michael Takes Blanket to the Dojo

Though they lost their dad way too soon, the orphaned Jackson siblings have each other to depend on, a bond strong enough to thwart any scheming Jackson relatives. Despite the series of unfortunate events, Prince Michael, the eldest of the brood is looking after his younger siblings.

Michael Jackson Estate Trying To Force Alejandra Jackson Out Of House…Again!

Lawyers for the Michael Jackson estate have once again filed a motion to have Alejandra Jackson removed from the families Hayvenhurst estate. According to the court motion, Alejandra, who has children with both Randy and Jermaine Jackson is an unwanted house guest who has no grounds to stay on the property.

Michael Jackson Estate: $310 Million Earned Since His Death

The death of Michael Jackson has turned into a gold mine for his estate with an estimated $310 million being earned since the singers death in 2009. According to documents obtained by TMZ, Jackson died with approximately $400 million in worldwide debts, while $310 million has already been made from his death with nearly half […]

Dr. Conrad Murray Trial Will Be Televised

Dr. Conrad Murray will not only have to face a jury of his peers, but also a world stage when his wrongful death trial involving Michael Jackson begins in April. Judge Michael Pastor on Monday announced his surprise decision to televise the proceedings. While the trial will focus on the Jackson death suit, it will […]

Michael Jackson Fragrance Line To Debut In March

The “post” Michael Jackson era has begun and now the Jackson Estate or at least Joe Jackson can add a fragrance collection to their rapidly growing list of Posthumous products with the king of pops name attached to them. Joe Jackson, father of Michael Jackson has teamed up with a french perfume company to release […]

Michael Jackson Fans Form Petition To Stop Autopsy TV Special

Michael Jackson fans are not happy that the Discovery Channel plans to air a TV special featuring a virtual autopsy for the King of Pop. The TV special, titled Michael Jackson’s Autopsy: What Really Killed Michael Jackson has led to a petition which is now circulating the web. According to TMZ, the petition was created […]

Michael Jackson’s Glove, Fedora Sell For Big Bucks At Auction

Need a pair of gloves for the winter? You can get one of Michael Jackson’s for the very low cost of just $330,000. That’s the price one bidder was willing to pay at a recent Julien’s Auction event. The glove in question was worn on the “Bad” tour in the 1980s. Also sold at the […]

Glee Cast To Perform “Thriller” Cover During Super Bowl Episode

Ready to catch the cast of Glee performing Michael Jackson’s smash hit Thriller? Fox has announced that the shows post-Super Bowl showing will features the song. Fox has divulged that the episode will have a sports-theme that will focus on KcKinley High playing for the state championship while Sue Sylvester’s cheerios (cheerleaders for the non-Gleeks) […]