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5 Mad Women Behind ‘Mad Men’

Let’s admit it: aside from being one of the wittiest shows on American TV, Mad Men is a man’s show. Check out some of the show’s actresses that drove male viewers… mad!

mad women from mad men

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Crista Flanagan Gets Naked For Sexy Playboy Photo Shoot

Crista Flanagan - Playboy Cover

Crista Flanagan of Mad Men fame appears on this months cover of Playboy in nothing but a pair of panties and a necktie and it’s a very nice sight indeed.

Flanagan plays Lois Sadler on the show and she’s in the same pose made famous by Toni Lacy on the magazines 1960 cover. Flanagan and Playboy then take the throwback one step further, recreating the 60s pinup spread on the inside of the magazine, including vintage ad spots. Read the rest of this entry »


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