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Why Celebrities Go Bankrupt

People look up to them, adore them and follow them on TV, on the big screen and on social media. They’re called stars or celebrities.

The name celebrity alone is already associated with big bucks. Apart from their good looks, they earn large sums of money per project and lead a glamorous life.

But on the flipside, these celebrities are much like ordinary people when they’re not in front of the camera. They encounter problems in their personal and professional lives and some even mismanage their funds.

Sometimes these celebrities get overwhelmed with their large earnings that they tend to spend them on so many things they want right away. When this frequently happens, the end result is lack of savings and in worse cases, declaring bankruptcy. Read the rest of this entry »

Larry King May Soon Be Reporting For Jon Stewart On ‘The Daily Show’

Jon Stewart - Larry King Live

Rumors are circulating that Larry King will soon join the contributing cast of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”

While the deal isn’t completed at this time, it’s believed that King is in talks with show producers to become a contributing reporter for the show. When leaving CNN Comedy Central producers quickly declared, “There’s not enough Larry on TV….”

According to The New York Post:

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Larry King To Appear On ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’

Larry King and Piers Morgan on CNN

Larry King is heading back to CNN but this time it’s to sit on the opposite side of the desk as a guest on Piers Morgan Tonight the show that replaced King when he left the network after 25 years on the air.

It will be interesting to see how the two men react after Larry King told the BBC last week that CNN overhyped Morgan’s interviewing style:

“One of the problems they did was to oversell it — they said he was going to be dangerous, he was going to be water-cooler talk, it was ‘wait till you see me, I’m different, Well, he’s good — but he’s not that dangerous…. He’s good, but not that dangerous. I think they might have been better off starting quietly and that’s not Piers’ fault, or maybe it is, I’m not inside anymore.”

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Piers Morgan Watches Ratings Plummet After Two Weeks On-Air

Piers Morgan Talk Show Failing Miserably

During his last three months on the air talk show host Larry King routinely saw 674,000 viewers to his popular show, however just two weeks after taking over the show and with a huge advertising campaign supporting him, Piers Morgan is barely managing just over 50% of King’s original viewer numbers.

Piers Morgan Tonight has went from 2.1 million viewers during his shows January 17 premier to just 498,000 viewers as of Thursday’s show featuring uber-popular socialities and reality TV stars Kim and Kourtney Kardashian

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Ryan Seacrest Attempting To Revive Larry King’s Radio Presence?

Larry King and Ryan Seacrest

If you’ve been following the tabloids for the last 6 months you no doubt know that Larry King has a huge man crush on radio and TV personality Ryan Seacrest, as he has on many occasions tried to get Seacrest to replace him as he exits “Larry King Live” and now we’ve learned that the latter may be attempting to revive the talk show hosts presence on radio.

According to TMZ, Seacrest wants King to help produce and distribute a Larry King syndicated radio show, the deal would be part of a bigger “mega-media” deal that Ryan Seacrest is attempting to put together.

Seacrest has become a household name thanks in large part to his hosting duties with American Top 40 and his hosting duties on American Idol and now his deal with radio superpower Clear Channel is about to end in November and apparently he wants to branch out even further.

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Piers Morgan Nearly Ready To Sign $10 Million Deal, Will Take Over For Larry King

Piers Morgan

‘America’s Got Talent’ judge Piers Morgan has been working with CNN producers to take over for the soon to be retired Larry King and now we’ve learned from RadarOnline that the former Celebrity Apprentice winner is nearly ready to sign a $10 million contract.

That same report says Piers is the “first choice” for the network and that he is “very, very close to agreeing to terms” after spending about a month in negotiations.

Morgan isn’t the only person who wanted the show, CNN released the following statement earlier this month:

“Not surprisingly, there is no shortage of people who would love to succeed Larry King if and when he moves on, but rumors that we are close to signing a deal for a Larry King replacement are untrue.”

If Larry King would have had his way he would have given American Idol host Ryan Seacrest the show, he’s made no secret of his Seacrest admiration.

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Goodbye Larry, King Prepares To Exit CNN

Larry King Live Cancelled Larry King is stepping down from his post at CNN, ending a quarter of a century run which lately has included King reading off question cards prepared by staffers while battling his ex-wife in divorce court.

Several weeks ago it was announced that British TV star Piers Morgan was in negotiations to take over the show so the announcement shouldn’t come as a surprise, the network is also facing a ratings slide that could use new blood to re-energize the one time media darling.

Before starting Live in 1985 King had a long radio career followed by a rating topper for CNN until recently as rating have continued to slide.

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Larry King To Host Telethon Benefit For Oil Spill Victims

Larry King Larry King is set to host a two-hour “two-screen” telethon to raise money for the victims of the Gulf Of Mexico oil spill.

The telethon called Disaster in the Gulf: How You Can Help will air on June 21st @ 8PM EDT and will offer a wide range of guest stars including Lenny Kravitz, Justin Bieber, Chelsea Handler, Ryan Seacrest, Kathy Griffin, Cameron Diaz, Ian Somerhalder, and Jenny McCarthy among others.

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Larry King and Wife Not Divorcing

Wow, you gotta hand it to Larry King. The 76 year-old broadcaster and his seventh wife, Shawn Harthwick, have reunited and are not divorcing, after claiming irreconcilable differences. Seventh, huh (and eight marriages)? Gee you’d think that after three or four, you just don’t have it in you to be a husband. Then again, King has been married thirteen years to Harthwick — the longest of any of his marriages, it seems. Man, imagine the support payments. If he had to pay in cash it’d probably require an armored truck to accompany him.

Harthwick, an actress, has been in the business since 1973, doing voice work on the Butch Cassidy TV series, and one-off appearances in numerous TV shows. While she had no credits between 1996 and 2010, she appears in 2010’s All Kids Count and has another project in the works. Oh snap! The project titled Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys also has Larry King’s name on it. Contractual obligations?


Split Season

It’s like Hollywood is running low on love fuel. The number of couples who are on their way to splitsville is growing by the day.

Larry King and Shawn Southwick
Larry King and Shawn Southwick
(c) WENN

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In his first live interview since the controversial beating up of his girlfriend (ex?) Rihanna, Chris Brown told Larry King that he still loves her and that he does not remember the events of that fateful night. Maybe it’s really a strange case of amnesia, or maybe it’s a convenient memory gap. I wonder how Rihanna feels about the whole thing?


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