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Kelly Preston Goes Into Labor, John Travolta Makes Mad Private Jet Dash Back Home

John Travolta and Kelly Preston

John Travolta jumped on his private jet in an attempt to make it home from Australia before his wife Kelly Preston, 57, delivered their third child. Preston went into labor on Saturday, three weeks ahead of schedule.

Travolta was busy promoting the 90th anniversary of Qantas airlines, while promoting a telethon to raise money for children’s charities.

Travolta was suppose to reach Perth on Sunday, but left the country after he earlier vowed to leave in a hurry if his wife began to deliver their baby.

The baby boys name? Benjamin.


John Travolta Rumors Point To Gay Sauna Sex Scandal, Years Of Cheating

John Travolta and Kelly Preston John Travolta rumors have been surfacing over the last few days that the star may have cheated on wife Kelly Preston, now celebrity blog Gather is reporting that the scandal may surround a gay sauna meeting.

The rumor has been backed up by author Robert Randolph and The National Enquirer who stated that Travolta has taken part in “lewd sex acts with other men” in the “sex gay spa subculture.”

According to several reports, Travolta had a “secret gay spa” meeting and that he’s been cheating on his wife for years now, so much so that it would make Tiger Woods “look like a boy scout.” Read the rest of this entry »

John Travolta And Kelly Preston Expecting Their Third Child

Kelly Preston and husband John Travolta Kelly Preston, 47 and husband John Travolta, 56 are expecting their third child.

The happy couple of 19 years released a joint statement to People Magazine and in that statement they said:

“It’s impossible to keep a secret … especially one as wonderful as this.”

The couple had a baby shower at their Florida home at the start of September, however no due date has been announced. Read the rest of this entry »


Sometimes Celebrities Lie About Pregnancies

Entertainment tab The Star reported Kelly Preston, wife of John Travolta was pregnant with twins. According to a rep, the Travoltas are pregnant but not with twins. But that’s still good. A new tyke in the family might get John’s mind off the tragic loss 16-year old son Jett last year, maybe get him active. He’s not looking healthy these days, like his usual charismatic self.

Gwen Stefani, on the other hand, is not pregnant, just wearing baggy clothes. She says she’s open to a third child but not pregnant. Then again, other celebs have denied twins or even being pregnant until a certain safe stage in the pregnancy. I.e., a six-figure photo deal in one of the popular entertainment mags. For that matter, registering a web domain name, and Twitter and Facebook accounts for a future child is in order and might delay announcements even further. On a sadder note, celebs sometimes claim they’re not pregnant because of a miscarriage or chance of that happening. Or in the case of the Travoltas, The Star was just wrong,


Celebrific Lowdown – May 20, 2010

Supermodel Naomi Campbell might have a problem on her hands. She’s been asked to testify at an international war crimes trial because she might have received a “blood diamond” from an African warlord. In fact, Campbell might have received several uncut diamonds, according to a modeling agent, Carole White. Actress Mia Farrow might also be called to the trial, as a witness. If that news makes you think too hard like it did me, just concentrate onthe pic of a naked Naomi above.

Lindsay Lohan has had a hard week of partying in Cannes, and trying to come up with creative excuses for why she didn’t make it back to LA this morning for her court hearing. While the judge in her case did issue an arrest warrant, Lindsay’s bail deposit (10% of the $100K) has been paid and the warrant was recalled. So she won’t be arrested up on her return, but she sure has some ‘splainin to do, particularly the statement to US Magazine that her father had someone steal her passport.

Jennifer Aniston’s age must be catching up. She actually asked to be retouched on her new film, The Switch (Aug 20th), after watching cuts. Ah well, it’s all relative, I guess. Seriously, I could have sworn that ‘yesterday’ she was only 30-something and vibrant. Now she’s 40-something. And still pretty vibrant, if you ask me. Many women would be happy to look as youthful as she still does. Anyway, here’s a gratuitous pic of her, looking every bit of a film goddess.

It’s understandable that doctors would be worried that Kelly Preston is pregnant at 47, but she has already had two children, so being pregnant is said to be easier. (My grandmother had her 9th at 45.) However, doctors are concerned for Preston because older pregnancies bring increased risk of illnesses such as gestational diabetes. Increase of Down’s Syndrome in the child is also an issue. This makes me wonder how several 60-70 year old women have been having children thanks to advances in fertility science.

Miley Cyrus for Lilith Fair? Gahhh!! What a huge disappointment for a music festival that I have the utmost respect for. Or had. Sarah McLachlan’s eaten too many vegetarian meals and lost her mind. I have never heard Miley Cyrus’ music but I know I’d never associate her with any single artist ever attached to the Lilith Fair. It’s not like the girl’s head isn’t big enough. But maybe Sarah’s 8 year-old daughter, India, has something to do with the request. Then again, Miley did work with rapper Lil Jon to remix her new single, “Can’t be Tamed.” Maybe she’ll gain some big girl cred in a way that wearing corsets and grinding her underage body into a adult man won’t give her.


Celebrity Moms Having Babies Late in Life

Only days after Ashton Kutcher said that his wife Demi Moore is a genetic freak and that they might still have kids together — even though she’s nearly 48 — John Travolta and 47 year-old wife Kelly Preston revealed on their personal websites that they are expecting a baby. Preston is said to be 3 months pregnant. The couple lost their 16-year old son Jett early last year to a seizure, during a vacation in the Bahamas, but have 10 year-old daughter, Ella Blue. The couple also lost their dogs this week to an airport service vehicle in Bangor, Maine, where they own a nearby home. The family has been laying low after Jett’s passing, but did appear in 2009’s Old Dogs, will be in 2010’s From Paris with Love (Preston is uncredited), and both have other projects in the works.

Meanwhile, in other celebrity baby news, Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have been turning up the notch on the custody battle for their baby daughter Nahla. Apparently they’ve parted ways for a few months and have been consulting lawyers. Aubry, who is not married to Berry, is a Canadian model and the couple lived in Montreal, Canada, for a while during their 5-year relationship. Berry is heading off to South Africa for several months for a film shoot starting in July. Aubry does not want to be separated from Nahla during that time and is trying to get permanent custody. It seems that for now, Aubry will be Nahla’s paid nanny and go to South Africa as well. I wonder if he realizes that women are usually favored in custody battles. What’s more, Berry was 40-plus when she had Nahla, and that while being Type 1 Diabetic. Man, I say that given the risks she took for Nahla’s birth, there’s no way Aubry should get permanent custody. Work out your differences.

Berry has been married twice before, to musician/ actor Eric Benet (whose daughter, India, Berry adopted), and before that baseball player David Justice.


John Travolta, Kelly Preston, and Ella Bleu took the stage as a family at Disney’s D23 Expo last week in a surprise appearance. It hasn’t been a year since their son Jett died in an accident, and the family has not appeared in public since then. Their new movie (all of them are in it) is titled “Old Dogs,” which John loves very much since his “baby is in it.”

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