Elin Nordegren May Appear On Dancing With The Stars

Elin Nordegren

Elin Nordegren, the ex-wife of golf superstar Tiger Woods may join the 12th season cast of Dancing With The Stars, a cast that will be announced during Monday’s The Bachelor season finale.

While she has turned down various offers to star in her own reality TV series, it’s said that producers approached the 31-year-old mother and The National Inquirer says in their March 7 edition that she is seriously considering the opportunity.

According to the tabloid:

“Elin has turned down several reality TV offers, but she thinks Dancing would be a lot of fun, and she especially loves the contestants’ snazzy outfits…Elin works out at home all the time, and she’s in great shape.”

Other reported season 12 cast members include: Faye Dunaway, Christine O’Donnell, and wrestler Chris Jericho.

It’s believed Nordegren may use the show to launch a TV/Film career abroad:

“…Elin thinks if she does well here, she might get invited to be on the popular Swedish version of the show, Let’s Dance. Elin wants to make her own mark in the world, and she thinks Dancing might be the perfect place to start doing just that.”