Big Name Burglaries: 6 Celebs Whose Homes Were Robbed

Celebrities are known for getting in trouble, whether it’s Lindsay Lohan’s DUIs or Justin Bieber picking fights, but at other times, stars are the victims, not the perpetrators. And while they may encounter a little extra paparazzi attention when they’re shaking things up, these stars learned the hard way that it’s worse when they the victim.

Unsurprisingly, one common problem for the famous and wealthy, as these 6 stars found out, is protecting their homes. Whether it’s crazed fans seeking a memento, or career criminals looking to strike gold, a mansion makes a good target for burglary.

A Persistent Problem

It’s been a few years since police dragged in Halle Berry’s stalker, but he was an ongoing problem for the star for a period of time. Richard Franco made three attempts at breaking into Berry’s Hollywood Hills house back in 2011 and was also identified as her stalker. Berry, her security guards, and neighbors all witnessed him on the property at various times and reported him to the police.

Franco was ultimately charged with at least two counts of burglary for break-ins on both July 10th and 11th, but you can bet she updated her home security system to include video surveillance after that scare.

The Real Bling Ring

You may not have known, but the 2013 movie The Bling Ring was based on true events, a real series of break-ins affecting celebrity homes between 2008 and 2009. Executed by 7 teenagers, the group broke into Paris Hilton’s home at least 5 times, but Megan Fox and Orlando Bloom, were also victims. After breaking up the ring, the police discovered they had already planned further burglaries at Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus, and Zac Efron’s homes, among others. For once, the truth here may be stranger than fiction.

Made For A Museum

Kate Moss may not be on many people’s radar anymore, but as recently as 2010 her home was burglarized while she was present and about $140,000 worth of art was stolen. While in the world of art heists, this is mere pennies, that’s a significant amount from a personal art collection.

Turning The Tables

Sure, as noted, Justin Bieber isn’t exactly the wisest of celebrities, and no one deserves to have their home broken into and their privacy invaded, as happened to Bieber in 2015. Admittedly, the break-in was staged by some over-excited 12 year olds celebrating a birthday. In light of the situation, he opted not to call the police and just gave them a firm talking to.

Break-ins are no joking matter, and as these celebrities learned, they can happen to anyone – and when you’re famous, what the burglars steal may be worth a whole lot more. So be vigilant and be safe – you don’t have a personal team of bodyguards keeping watch, after all.