Justin Bieber Throws Punches In Cleveland, Literally

Justin Bieber

Can someone with sense keep this boy company?

No matter how catchy and sexy his tunes are, it’s just too late now for Justin Bieber to say ‘sorry’ for his less-than-noble decisions in life, the latest of which is the brawl he got into in Cleveland last Wednesday after an NBA game.

Justin Bieber - Lamont Richmond fight

For all the voyeurs out there, TMZ got a Snapchat footage, and the singer was unfortunately taken down by a 6’5″ dude, Lamont Richmond.

According to Richmond, he asked Bieber if his two female friends “could take a pic and get a John Hancock,” to which the drunk Bieber saucily replies, “No autographs tonight, motherf*****.” Classy.

Justin Bieber
(c) Instagram

As if that wasn’t enough, the big guy is now planning to sue. Good effin’ luck!


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