Jennifer Aniston Shacks up with Justin Theroux: Or is it the other way around?

After her break up with John Mayer in 2008, it seems pretty odd how Jennifer Aniston had remained tight lipped on her dating life, and her beaus…until recent events. Seemingly, Jen found herself hooking up with actor Justin Theroux in the set of Wanderlust September 2010 and eventually reconnecting ties last March.

Jennifer Aniston and her new beau went public with their budding romance just quite recently and little did we know they both have already upped their romance game plan.

True enough, the couple are now shacked up in Jen’s LA home.

Theroux is indeed living in Aniston’s place and now basks in the limelight of having the actress introduce him as her boyfriend.

Who is this new man in Jen’s life?  He clearly has won her heart. The 39 yr old Theroux has quite  some good feathers on his hat being an actor, director and screen writer for a bunch of  memorable projects in both TV and the big screen. His latest that being Wanderlust where he plays opposite Jennifer Aniston.

Reports have it that 42 year old Jen already had her eye set on Theroux from the get go. She would often hold parties at her place with him and eventually things started to bloom and sizzle between the co-stars.

Theroux has been seen spending a lot of days and nights at Jen’s place in LA and is considering spending the summer there as well.

Prior to their budding relationship, Justin is known to have kept a 14 year relationship with now ex gf  and costume designer Heidi Bivens. They lived together for 6 years at an apartment in NYC but just last weekend or so, Bivens has moved out. Theroux is known to keep a room at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont, up until he took up residence at Jen’s uber sleek and chic home.

Love is a mystery, even to those who seem to have been in the game for quite a long time. I guess Theroux’s unstoppable growing facial hair may yet hold the key answer to all this?

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