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Is Drew Barrymore Sporting A Baby Bump ?

So is she or isn’t she? That remains to be the question for Drew Barrymore’s rather showy little baby bump. Ouuf, did I say baby bump? Naah, it might just be one too many grilled cheese sandwiches for this hippy flippy quirky chic. Stepping out on the town in a rather tell-tale T-shirt in Los […]

Kate Hudson: A Flick, a Bump and a Rock !

It seems Kate Hudson has a thing for British rock stars and again has a little baby bump and a big rock on her finger to show for it. The 32 year old Hudson was on the Today show promoting her latest movie “Something Borrowed”. The actress was definitely blooming and looking radiant as Matt […]

It’s Double the Joy for Natalie Portman

Natalie has been pretty busy over the past year and doesn’t seem to be slowing down despite her growing baby bump. Engaged to choreographer Benjamin Millepied who was incidentally her choreographer in The Black Swan, Portman is yet lined up for “ Your Highness” and “Thor”. Although her award winning role in The Black Swan […]

Claudia Schiffer: Pretty Preggy

Don’t you just hate how supermodels still look stylish and hot despite having a bun in the oven? The paparazzi snapped Claudia Schiffer just two weeks ago in London, and she did not look pregnant at all. She and her husband, film producer and director Matthew Vaughn, are expecting their third child in May, which […]

Colin Farrell Is Going To Be A Dad Again

Colin Farrell has confirmed rumors that he is going to be a dad a second time around. He has a 5-year-old son with his ex-girlfriend and his current partner, Alicja Bachleda, is expecting. It will be her first child.

Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant again?!

As if one mistake is not enough, Jamie Lynn Spears done do it again. There are rumors that Britney’s younger sister is pregnant once again! According to inside sources, Jamie thought that breast-feeding will not get you pregnant. Hey Jamie, here’s some advice… READ!

Talk about a strict dad. Jerry O’Connell, whose wife Rebecca Romjin is pregnant with twin girls, is already thinking ahead. “They’re only having sex when I’m dead,” he quips. Good luck, Jerry.

Congratulations Jamie and Casey!

Jamie Lynn Spears has given birth! She was surrounded by family, and seems excited about motherhood. Hopefully she’ll avoid some of the mistakes her sister made. She and fiance Casey Aldridge named their daughter Maddie Briann.


Nicole Kidman looks absolutely gorgeous. Even if it’s been a difficult pregnancy, she still managed to look serene — even radiant — at the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas.

Oprah and The Pregnant Man

I still can’t get over the fact that there is a pregnant man (so Arnie’s “Junior” wasn’t that far fetched after all?) but there it, or rather, he, is. In Oprah’s Thursday interview, Thomas Beatie, the pregnant man himself (he’s a transgender male, which explains everything) tells the Queen of Talk that he chose to […]