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So is she or isn’t she? That remains to be the question for Drew Barrymore’s rather showy little baby bump. Ouuf, did I say baby bump? Naah, it might just be one too many grilled cheese sandwiches for this hippy flippy quirky chic.

Stepping out on the town in a rather tell-tale T-shirt in Los Angeles, it’s pretty evident  that tiny tummy protrusion is could certainly be a biological statement of impending motherhood for  Drew.

The 37 year old actress was doing a grocery run at the time in a pair of skinny low rise jeans and a rather flimsy loose fitting navy blue Tee which seemed to hint of a round delicate paunch.

The tattle tongues have not stopped wagging about Drew’s pregnancy ever since pictures of her came out in public carrying a sonogram last January.

Sources have been pretty keen on their confirmation that her fiance’ Will Koperman popped the question together with a colourless cut 4 carat diamond and  plan to tie the knot this summer.

After a string of relationships,  ill-fated engagementsand  two short lived marriages, we’re hoping the Drew has finally found her one true thing with the son of former Chanel CEO Arie Kopelman

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It seems Kate Hudson has a thing for British rock stars and again has a little baby bump and a big rock on her finger to show for it. The 32 year old Hudson was on the Today show promoting her latest movie “Something Borrowed”. The actress was definitely blooming and looking radiant as Matt Lauer points out the emerald cut diamond ring on her finger bringing a big smile to her face as she proudly admits her engagement to British rock singer Matthew Bellamy.

Well, it’s pretty hard not to notice the big bauble on her finger. The 9 carat emerald-cut diamond ring is set on platinum with tapered baguettes on the side and is estimated to cost a jaw dropping $ 200,000. The couple started dating around spring of last year and announced they were expecting a baby sometime in January. According to Hudson on an interview with InStyle magazine, they were tempting fate and, it seems fate was definitely on their side.

Her first marriage to Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson blessed them with a son, who is now 7 years old. However, their marriage ended in a divorce in 2007. In 2009, Kate Hudson had a hot romance with yet another star in his own league; New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez. After all that high profile dating with Hudson, the athlete worked his way onto Cameron Diaz.

The movie “Something Borrowed” is adapted from the book of the same title by Emily Griffin. It stars Kate Hudson alongside Ginnifer Goodwin and John Krasinski. It’s a chic flick alright, but it has a definite real time factor in its story line that can be a sure fire fun flick to watch with the girls.

Get silky sexy hair just like Kate Hudson!

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Natalie has been pretty busy over the past year and doesn’t seem to be slowing down despite her growing baby bump. Engaged to choreographer Benjamin Millepied who was incidentally her choreographer in The Black Swan, Portman is yet lined up for “ Your Highness” and “Thor”.

Although her award winning role in The Black Swan has given her much reason to celebrate her newly found love, it seems her body double became a little jealous of the spotlight on the actress and started on a war path of words claiming that Portman hardly did any of the full body shots. Obviously, there’s the perfect example of someone who turned green with fame.

The movie’s producers strongly insists that Natalie was on top her toes 85 percent of her role but, I guess there’s no stopping someone who wants her claim to fame. The pregnant actress continues to remain silent about this issue, refusing to feed any more wood to the fire. She has been spotted running around New York with her fiance’ looking beautifully bare of make-up and dressed down to a pair of jeans and a sweater. It looks like the 29 year actress is enjoying her blissful state of pregnancy after going through quite a list of boyfriends under her name. She’s had a rather eclectic mix in her choice of men. With the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal and Lukas Haas … there is also Moby! The girl certainly knows how to pick ‘em well. Here’s hoping she and Benjamin Millepied keep dancing for many years to come.

Photo Credit: Peter Morawski

Claudia Schiffer: Pretty Preggy

Don’t you just hate how supermodels still look stylish and hot despite having a bun in the oven? The paparazzi snapped Claudia Schiffer just two weeks ago in London, and she did not look pregnant at all.

Claudia Schiffer braves the freezing cold to drop off her son at school, London

She and her husband, film producer and director Matthew Vaughn, are expecting their third child in May, which means she is almost in her final trimester. It looks like she just stepped off the runway and threw on that winter coat. Ah, the perils of being a supermodel!


Colin Farrell has confirmed rumors that he is going to be a dad a second time around. He has a 5-year-old son with his ex-girlfriend and his current partner, Alicja Bachleda, is expecting. It will be her first child.


Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant again?!

As if one mistake is not enough, Jamie Lynn Spears done do it again.

There are rumors that Britney’s younger sister is pregnant once again! According to inside sources, Jamie thought that breast-feeding will not get you pregnant. Hey Jamie, here’s some advice… READ!


jerry o connell

Talk about a strict dad. Jerry O’Connell, whose wife Rebecca Romjin is pregnant with twin girls, is already thinking ahead. “They’re only having sex when I’m dead,” he quips. Good luck, Jerry.


casey and jamie

Jamie Lynn Spears has given birth! She was surrounded by family, and seems excited about motherhood. Hopefully she’ll avoid some of the mistakes her sister made. She and fiance Casey Aldridge named their daughter Maddie Briann.



Nicole Kidman looks absolutely gorgeous. Even if it’s been a difficult pregnancy, she still managed to look serene — even radiant — at the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas.


Oprah and The Pregnant Man


I still can’t get over the fact that there is a pregnant man (so Arnie’s “Junior” wasn’t that far fetched after all?) but there it, or rather, he, is. In Oprah’s Thursday interview, Thomas Beatie, the pregnant man himself (he’s a transgender male, which explains everything) tells the Queen of Talk that he chose to get pregnant simply because his wife couldn’t have children (wonder why she had the hysterectomy?), and that he was a person who had a right to having a biological child. He went on saying:

“I see pregnancy as a process and it doesn’t define who I am. Ironically, being pregnant doesn’t make me feel any more female or feminine.”


Halle Berry gives birth


Halle Berry once told people she wanted to “stay pregnant forever” — but we doubt she’s complaining now, after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl.

She and partner Gabriel Aubry welcomed their daughter last Sunday. Berry first announced her pregnancy in September last year, when she was three months along.


Jamie Lynn gets high school diploma


Jamie Lynn has officially gotten her high school diploma! She passed the equivalency exam and looks dead set on getting her ACT college test. Despite getting pregnant, the actress looks dead-set on getting her life on track. She was photographed with a GED book last month. Well, maybe she’s learned a thing or two from watching her sister.



Oh my God, is Britney pregnant???

She and her sleazy paparrazo boyfriend were seen shopping for a pregnancy test in their neighborhood Rite Aid store.

On top of a mental breakdown and losing visitation rights, this is the last thing she needs.

Friends have said that she’s going through a lot now, and just needs “time and space” to sort things out. It would help if she used her common sense, too. How is she going to fix her life and career if she keeps doing STUPID THINGS???


Jamie Lynn dumped!


There is just no way the Spears family is getting a break these days. After Britney’s Frances Farmer impersonation a few days ago, and the Spears family’s ongoing feud with Dr. Phil, it’s now the pregnant Jamie Lyn Spears’ turn in the meat grinder.

It was recently reported that her boyfriend and possible baby daddy Casey Aldridge has recently dumped the pregnant teen. Reports say that he is not convinced that he is the daddy of the baby. He is said to be asking for a paternity test when the baby comes out, and until then does not want anything to do with Britney’s younger sis. Ouch!


Nicole Kidman IS pregnant!

If you see Nicole Kidman all aglow lately, it’s because she is going to have a baby! The Academy award winning actress and alabaster goddess has finally confirmed week long rumors about her condition. At first she denied reports that she is on the family way but this Monday she finally confirmed that there is indeed a bun in her oven.

Her publicist issued the following statement: “Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban confirmed today that they are expecting a baby. The couple are thrilled.”

This is the first child for both Kidman and her hubby, country singer Keith Urban. Kidman has two adopted children with Tom Cruise.


Christina Aguilera and hubby

Christina Aguilera finally admitted that she’s pregnant. She’s not planning to give up her career, having told Glamour magazine that she wants to be a working mom, but let’s hope she fares better than Britney Spears in the Mommy Department. “I want to get it right,” Christina said, gushing about her husband’s support in an interview with Glamour

Guess there will be a lot of “Dirrty” diapers in the Aguilera household pretty soon.


Brooke Burke & David Charvet Welcome Baby Girl

brooke-burke-baby-1-10-07.jpg35-year-old Brooke Burke & 34-year-old former Baywatch star fiance David Charvet welcomed their first child together Monday. 

Burke gave birth to a 6 pound, 8 ounce baby girl at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica yesterday.  The beautiful couple have named their daughter Heaven Rain Charvet, because she was rained down from heaven?

Burke’s rep stated, “Mother and baby are doing very well and are now resting comfortably at home.”

“Everything went well with the delivery, and Rain looks just like her mother.”

Congrats to the couple on their new bundle of joy!



Scary Spice Melanie Brown isn’t liking what she’s hearing from crazypants Eddie Murphy in the media.  And to tell you the truth, we’re not all that impressed either. 

Remember that Dutch talk show interview (see post here) when Eddie responded to the interviewer when they said Mel B was pregnant with his child?  Murphy surprised us all with a very defensive response, saying, “You’re being presumptuous because we’re not together anymore.  And I don’t know whose child that is, until it comes out and has a blood test. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions, sir.” 

Well, we were all wondering when Melanie Brown was going to step up to the plate & have something to say.  And she hasn’t disappointed us yet, here she is. 

“I am obviously upset and distressed at some of the comments made by Eddie Murphy to the media,” the five months pregnant Brown stated.

“I was astonished by what Eddie said – there is absolutely no question that Eddie is the father. My main concern is to concentrate on the well being of my daughter and baby.”

Murphy & Brown first started dating back in June, but Murphy brought Tracey Edmonds to the premiere of Dreamgirls & stated that they had been dating for more than a month.  For which likely surprised the naive Mel B, who said earlier in the week, “We’re in love…I can’t wait to spend Christmas with him, and I can’t wait to have this baby.”

Ouch!  Eddie Murphy sure did a damn turn on Melanie Brown.  That has got to sting.

So, what do you think- What should Scary Spice’s next move be?




British gossip queen Holey Moley is reporting that Jennifer Aniston is not only visiting ex-flame Vince Vaughn on the set of his new movie in London, but is also pregnant with his love child.  Yeah, pretty unbelievable I’d have to say.  And to tell you the truth, I think we’re all about sick of hearing about Aniston & Vaughn.  Am I right?

Also, the power-players on the set (we all know it’s the drivers) report than Jennifer Aniston has been dragging her huge chin there to watch her beau spin out strands of comedy magic, and she’s quite obviously lugging a mini-Vince around in her womb as she’s sweating for two.

The poor sods who have to do the real acting (learning words and not just standing there with a quizzical look and gurning), Paul Giametti and John Michael Higgins, are described as “lovely”.

Wow, that was one crazy piece of gossip.  What do you think, is Jen toting around a mini-Vince? 


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