M.I.A. Provides This Year’s Super Bowl “Scandal”

Everyone looks forward to the Super Bowl year in and year out, and while most people anticipate the game, you can't deny that the half time show plays a major role. And when it comes to the Super Bowl half time show, controversy is no stranger. Remember Janet Jackson's … [Read more...]

Demi Moore Hospitalized for Seizure; No It’s Not Drugs!

Demi Moore's relatively recent split with Ashton Kutcher generated waves just like any celebrity split does. In their case, I suppose the controversy surrounding their getting together caused even more waves when they eventually split. In any case, that is over and done with, … [Read more...]

Did Jonathan Rhys Meyers Attempt Suicide?

Fame has a steep price to pay for those who can’t handle the lifestyle, the pressure and realities of being a celebrity. Most of us who view from the outside never see the turmoil that spins and weaves the web of depression and sometimes that of death. After being admitted for … [Read more...]

George Clooney is Back in Bachelorsville

Looks like someone is back to the bachelor pad and all you ladies can start pinning your George Clooney posters in your room and onto your desktop. Yep,he’s back in the market! In a joint statement, Clooney and Italian actress/model Elisabetta Canalis have announced that they … [Read more...]

Ryan Reynolds: Taking It Easy With Love

The “Sexiest Man Alive” is apparently still hurting over his divorce from his 2-year marriage to now ex-wife Scarlett Johannson.  Ryan Reynolds says he still needs time to heal to this day after their divorce last December. In an interview, the 34 year old actor, who we want … [Read more...]