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Everyone looks forward to the Super Bowl year in and year out, and while most people anticipate the game, you can’t deny that the half time show plays a major role. And when it comes to the Super Bowl half time show, controversy is no stranger.

Remember Janet Jackson’s breast-baring act? “Nipplegate”, as it is sometimes called will be forever remembered by those who saw and heard about the “wardrobe malfunction”. Never mind that more than half of the audience have seen more than a breast exposed on the wide screen. The American public still clamored against that act of “indecency”.

This year, I am rather surprised that Madonna has not provided the controversy for the half time show. Tell me you aren’t!

One of her fellow performers on stage did that instead. Rapper M.I.A. did not go all the way, but still stirred up conservatives by giving a camera her middle finger.

MIA Flips Camera

MIA Flips Camera

Oh, come on guys, this is not polite, sure, but look at that chick. Does she look like she is the politest gal in town? The producers should have expected something like this to happen! And now that it has happened, what’s there to cry about?

It’s definitely not appropriate. M.I.A. should be fined or something, then let’s forget about her. It’s not like she gets lots of publicity these days anyway. Maybe she thought that making that gesture would get her more than five minutes in the limelight in 2012.

For good measure, here’s the video of the half time show.



Demi Moore and Rumer Willis

Demi Moore and Rumer Willis

Demi Moore’s relatively recent split with Ashton Kutcher generated waves just like any celebrity split does. In their case, I suppose the controversy surrounding their getting together caused even more waves when they eventually split.

In any case, that is over and done with, and news is that Ashton Kutcher has been partying himself to oblivion in the weeks after their separation. Who is surprised, really? As for Demi Moore, she is still one of the most gorgeous women on earth, but she seems to be suffering more from the split. She has been undergoing treatment for exhaustion – doing what, we can only imagine. Read the rest of this entry »


Fame has a steep price to pay for those who can’t handle the lifestyle, the pressure and realities of being a celebrity. Most of us who view from the outside never see the turmoil that spins and weaves the web of depression and sometimes that of death.

After being admitted for rehab treatment on alcohol related problems five times, “Tudors” star Jonathan Rhys Meyers was just recently rushed to the hospital on account of a suicide attempt. Paramedics were forced to call the police after the 33 yrs old Irish actor refused treatment. The squabble took a good 30 minutes until he was eventually whisked away by an ambulance to a nearby hospital in north London.

Reports from sources have them definitely speculating the actor did try to take his life. Meyer’s close neighbours witnessed the incident as they all worriedly watched the commotion when the ambulance and police arrived at the actors residence.

It is believed Meyer’s overdosed on unspecified pills. Police confirmed that they were asked to attend the said incident as the London Ambulance Service called in  due to a man refusing treatment.

Meyer’s was discharged from the hospital but would not comment on questions that imposed he tried to commit suicide.

The actor is known to his neighbours as a very pleasant man and never fails to greet and say hello. He is always out and about in his neighbourhood, which had all his neighbours baffled and worried when they witnessed the entire incident.

Alcoholism most certainly is a trigger factor for depression and eventual suicide. The battle may seem like a lifetime struggle for some, but so long as hope still shines even the tiniest flicker, it’s those times one finds himself getting up to fight and live through the next is what matters most. We hope the flicker continues to burn for Jonathan Rhys Meyers



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Looks like someone is back to the bachelor pad and all you ladies can start pinning your George Clooney posters in your room and onto your desktop. Yep,he’s back in the market!

In a joint statement, Clooney and Italian actress/model Elisabetta Canalis have announced that they have gone separate ways. Fairly enough, their two year relationship seemed all too well til it lasted. Being the jet-setters they are, their time was mostly spent together at Clooney’s Lake Como estate in Italy. Although they did not disclose the reasons for their split, their statement only reads, “ It’s very difficult and very personal and we hope everyone can respect our privacy.

In June,  one oItalian magazine has  the 32 yr old Canalis speaking of how she feels her fairytale is continuing. However, we all know how the notorious tight lipped Clooney has always said and reiterated that he would never marry again – and that is anyone including  Elisabetta. Did I hear anyone say ouch?

We don’t know how this stands even though most of Canalis’ interviews has her beaming with happiness and expressed “ in the future I will be married.” No one knows what goes on in the mind of the very private George Clooney. In case you didn’t know, Clooney was once married to actress Talia Balsam from 1989 to 1993.

Marriage is a big leap for most of the stars who have been divorced. However jaded they have become at some point they may decide to change their mind to give it that one last try. And as most stories are in the world of celebrities, nothing is ever written in stone.




Ryan Reynolds: Taking It Easy With Love

The “Sexiest Man Alive” is apparently still hurting over his divorce from his 2-year marriage to now ex-wife Scarlett Johannson.  Ryan Reynolds says he still needs time to heal to this day after their divorce last December.

In an interview, the 34 year old actor, who we want to see in funny T-shirts admits he’s still not out of the mud yet but holds a lot of optimism for the future.  Although he seems to be going through a lot of pain, just like anyone who goes through a divorce. Reynolds say, eventually  you come out of it.

The Green Lantern actor muses that he may no longer want to get married again. Speaking on his emotional stand at this point, Reynolds says he is now a different person than he was six months ago. He has been spotted getting friendly with German model Agnes Fischer while filming his new movie Safe House in South Africa. When asked about this, he quickly quips that he is very happy not be in a relationship right now and finds dating to be somewhat of an alien thing to him at this point in his life.

In spite of his refusal to discuss any specific matters regarding his Scarlett Johansson, he proudly speaks of  how they managed to end their marriage and still maintain the idea that she is still the same person he married.

Still the reigning “Sexiest Man Alive” , Ryan Reynolds is concentrating on his current project “Safe House” where he prouds himself with death defying stunts and intense emotional scenes.

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Melanie Griffith’s checking into rehab (again) made the news recently but it did not really have much staying power. In the middle of this week, though, husband Antonio Banderas shed some light on his wife’s move. He says that she checked herself into rehab because she has been taking medication due to a skiing accident. She is afraid that she might not be able to deal with it properly, hence her decision. The whole family is behind her 100%. Good on them!

Show At The MTV Australia Awards 2009

Forget the rumors. Fall Out Boys bassist declares without equivocation that he and wife Ashlee are happily married. News that their marriage on the rocks is absolute nonsense, he says. Good for them!


Kate Moss: I Am Not Pregnant

The Costa Book Of The Year Award 2008 - Arrivals

Why is it that when women gain a few pounds, a ruckus occurs? Kate Moss has been seen with a more rounded tummy and rumors abound that she is pregnant. She says, however, that it is all part of being a “woman” and that she is by no means in the family way. The good thing? She is a cup B now!

Tropicana Gives Celebrities A

That’s how she describes herself now that she is a mommy. She cried when she had to work out to lose weight for her Campari calendar shoot. She cries whenever she sees her baby on the web cam – she’s away for the shoot. But hey, her calendar photos are worth the tears. Check them out here.


Kelly Osbourne Enters Rehab

Fox Winter All Star Party

The Osbournes’ daughter is the latest celebrity to enter rehab. According to her spokesperson, “Kelly Osbourne has voluntarily entered a medical facility to address some personal issues.” Nothing more has been said except that Kelly will speak once she gets out. Good luck, girl!

Dennis Quaid Speaks On FDA Drug And Medical Device Regulation Bar

Was it only last year when we heard the shocking news about the overdose of heparin that the newborn Quaid twins were given by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center staff? The two parties have settled, with the hospital accepting full responsibility and paying up $750,000. The twins are doing great.


Blythe Seconds The Motion

To continue from the last Gwyneth post, Mommy Blythe officially backed up her daughter’s claims that her marriage was NOT in trouble when cornered at a natural gas garbage truck unveiling in the Big Apple.

Oh no! They are really happily married They are together all time. The public just does not see them together. They couldn’t have a better marriage.” she exclaimed. And when asked WHY they were never seen together, Blythe’s explanation was this:

It has to do with being so inundated…They get so inundated and it’s gotten so awful now that they can’t go out and enjoy themselves. If they were both out together they would just get so overwhelmed and not enjoy themselves. So they do it for that reason.

Yes, ok. Whatever. Am still not quite convinced. Brangelina still manage to do it after all.



After a romantic winter wedding in Utah’s  Park City, word is that television star Katherine Heigl’s honeymoon got off to a less than smooth start, with the Grey’s Anatomy actress, forgetting her passport en route to Mexico where they were booked at a luxe resort. The absent-minded blunder (perhaps because of a post-wedding haze?), forced the couple to fly to California first, where affairs had to be sorted before they were allowed to proceed to Mexico.  The newlyweds were able to make it to Cabo eventually, and were last seen canoodeling by the poolside.


Then Liza Takes A Tumble


It must have been in the stars today, because in far-off Sweden, Oscar winner Liza Minnelli ( for her performance as Sally Bowles in 1972’s Cabaret) also took a tumble on stage during a show. The 61-year old collapsed in the middle of her Christmas repertoir and had to be rushed to hospital where she was then flown back to the U.S.


Bobby Brown Needs a Car!

bobby-brown-car-9-26-2006.JPGPoor Bobby Brown, he just needs a set of wheels.  The former R & B star was asked to appear on the TV One Reality Series, I Married a Baller.  He response, get me a car and we’ll call it a deal.  Wow.  Whitney Houston must be doing a number on the boy. 

The producer of the TV reality series that chronicles the relationships of sports stars stated, “When he asked for a car, we actually thought he meant for us to book him car service.”

“But then I was told that he actually wanted us to buy him a car!”

I think Bobby B was a little embarrassed that the word got out about his lack of wheels, and passed on doing the show.  Brown’s lawyer even made a statement saying that Bobby was just joking about the whole silly car thing.  Whatever, Bobby.  You’re not fooling anyone.  I think someone should donate a used 1978 Beetle to the poor boy, but it has to be spray-painted with “I’m Bobby Brown & I need some damn wheels” on the side.


Darth Chef.jpgThe season premiere of South Park was one not to be missed.  Chef is dead, maybe.  In response to its former star Isaac Hayes, who was the voice of the beloved Chef since 1997, turning his back on the show last week due to his “religious” beliefs being taunted; Chef returned to the land of South Park a pedophile. 

The show was a satire on the whole Scientology thing and those we are loosing to its unrelenting, ridiculous grasp (quick, someone grab Beck away from Rabissi and run!).  Chef had left South Park to find adventure to replace the mundane and ordinary in his life.  He returned to South Park last night from traveling the world with the “Super Adventure Club” with all inhabitants overjoyed and tickled by his return. 

However, Stan, Kyle, Kenny & Cartman sense something queer about Chef.  A quick note- Hayes did not participate in this episode, rather creators Matt Stone & Trey Parker patched together lines from previous recordings, making Chef sound a little jagged & pieced together. The boys try to get down to the bottom of his odd behavior, especially when Chef continues to state that we wants to “make sweet love” to them. 

As is turns out, instead of Chef joining the “Adventure Club”, he joined the “Super Adventure Club” who’s mission is to travel the crevices of the world and have sex with little boys.  After realizing this folly, the boys take Chef to a physiatrist (oh no, Tom!) who confirms the boys’ fears and states that their friend has been brainwashed by the adventure club.  They then proceed to take Chef to a strip club to see if they can jog his “memory” for the ladies, he does indeed regain his strong sense of heterosexuality but only after seeing a fat-stacked black woman take to the pole.

It looked like Chef was going to make it, but in the end the “Super Adventure Club” won Chef’s heart and mind back.  He was making his way across a swinging bridge to the arms of his pedophile cohorts, when the bridge collapsed and sent Chef tumbling down rock after rock and falling upon an upturned tree limb which acted as a spike through his chest. He is then shot by his fellow members, burned, stabbed & finally mauled by a lion and a grizzly bear who leave barely nothing behind.

At Chef’s funeral, Kyle addresses the attendees:

“A lot of us don’t agree with the choices Chef has made in the last few days.  Some of us feel hurt and confused that he seemed to turn his back on us.  But we can’t let the events of the past few days take away the memories of how Chef made us smile.  We shouldn’t be mad at Chef for leaving us.  We should be mad at that fruity little club for scrambling his brains.” 

In the last scene of The Return of Chef, the “Super Adventure Club” raises Chef from the dead by using the Darth Sidious approach and rebuilt the man Chef. When metal coupled with flesh in the form of cyborg implants and enhancements required to sustain him, Chef’s transformation was complete. He was no longer Chef. He was Darth Chef with a golden, glowing spatula of terror.  Will Chef one day reveal he is Cartman’s father and be saved from the dark side?  I can’t wait for the reappearance of this new turn in Chef’s character. 

What a true and hilarious send-off for Chef as well as Isaac Hayes and a smack on the face for that fruity little Scientology club for scrambling the brains of some good ones- I’m so serious, someone go nab Beck from the evil claws of his clansmen and de-brainwash the man! 

It’s good to have Matt Stone & Trey Parker up in Hollywood taking up for the sane folks. 


You Are Now Free to Go About Your Life, TomKat Denies Breakup

Cruise Engaged.jpgYesterday in a swirl of tabloids and blogs alike, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were reported to have claimed their relationship- mission impossible.  Not the Valentine’s Day you would expect for the couch-jumping, frolicking couple.  But settle down & calm yourself, there may still be hope.

Reps for Tom Cruise and finacee Katie Holmes were furiously issuing denials yesterday afternoon after Life & Style published a “malicious” story saying the famous duo had split.  The reputable tabloid touted its February 27th cover story with the headline, “SPLIT!  And Katie’s 7 Months Pregnant”.

Cruise publicist Arnold Robinson said in a statement Tuesday, “It should be known that the story is 100 percent false.  Mr. Cruise and Ms. Holmes are still engaged and are moving forward with their wedding plans, as well as planning for the arrival of their child.”  Which is likely to be a furniture hopping alien.

But should we put our fears aside?  According to the Life & Style story, Cruise & Holmes “plan to keep up the charade of a romance until after their baby’s birth in the spring.  In the meantime, the couple will live in his Beverly Hills home- though sleeping in separate bedrooms- through the summer.”  Which just happens to be right after Mission: Impossible 3 is set to hit screens.  Hmm… coincidence?The TomKat couple gained mass media attention following Cruise’s unforgettable Oprah performance where he dribbled out his love for Katie Holmes through hugging Winfrey and trampolining her furniture.  Within two months of their initial hook-up, Cruise proposed to Holmes via Eiffel Tower last June.  By October, the couple announced their pregnancy with Cruise monitoring the fetus’ progress on his own sonogram machine- just happened to have one in the back of the closet, eh?  Does anyone else think he’s growing babies in his spare time to reincarnate L. Ron Hubbard? 

Robinson went on to say, “Despite the malicious fallacies put forth by Life & Style magazine, the couple is looking forward to a long and happy life together as a family.”

Despite the heat, Life & Style have kept hold of the accuracy of their story announcing, “We stand 100 percent behind our story.” 

Well, I stand 100 percent behind TomKat, no matter if they give birth to a little L. Ron or make sweet scientologist lovin’ on The Daily Show. 



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