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Danielle Staub Sex Video Pictures Revealed [NSFW]

Danielle Staub of TV Real Housewives

The most famous thing Danielle Staub of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has done is coin the stupid term Prostitution Whore, but now she can add sex video to her repertoire and we have the first pictures from that video.

The video will hit store shelves on June 14th and it’s not an old college video or anything like that, this keeper was shot this past September and according to various reports it’s “extremely graphic.”

This isn’t the first attempt at releasing a video of Staub, in June 2009 she had to go to court to bar her ex-boyfriend Steve Zalewski from releasing a sex video.

Not sure how much this one will be worth a closer look, but take a look at these additional pics and you can judge for yourself:

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Brinkley’s ex has sex tape

Remember supermodel Christy Brinkley’s ex-husband? The sleazebag architect Peter Cook, who torpedoed his relationship with Brinkley by having an affair with his 18-year-old office assistant has more problems looming.

Apparently, his shenanigans with Diana Bianchi has been caught on tape. The sex tape does exist and shows the two engaging in sexual acts while on a loveseat, along with a few other juicy scenes.
This tape will probably surface in the very near future.

Karma’s a bitch.


Is the prudish Charlotte really in an explicit sex tape? Kristin Davis, (who has somehow never managed to shake off her upper-east-clean alter ego Charlotte of Sex and the City), has been “caught on tape”, according to Radar magazine, who also said that the tape is being sold to the highest bidder.

Unsurprisingly, Kristin’s rep says that the tape does NOT exist. Curious? go to the Radar site and judge for yourself. It ain’t a pretty sight.


With the news of not only one but TWO Kate Moss & Pete Doherty celebrity sex tapes possibly being released, I started to wonder, would I actually watch one of them?

I mean, Kate’s certainly hot enough to justify a few moments of sexy hotness, but I think I might actually gag if I saw Pete’s uglies bumping up next to Moss.  You tell me. 


Now that would be juicy beyond belief!  A Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo celebrity sex tape would blow any other sex tapes out of the water this year!

And according to TMZ, it might actually exist!  Apparently the couple were having some hard core sex in a Jacuzzi in Mexico & a source is revealing that the scene was of Paris Hilton sex tape fame.  Now that’s hot!  Can’t wait for this one, and the lawsuits that normally follow….



According to the “New York Daily News”, there may just be another Britney Spears scandal around the corner.  As if we needed another one, right?

Remember those images of Britney & dancers that floated around not so long ago?  Well, reportedly there is a sex video of those New York nightclub dancers & Brit that might just be up for sale sometime in the near future.

Pictures of Brit with the dancers are already drawing bids of around $150,000 which were allegedly taken on the night of February 12, not too long before Spears went crazy on us.

The sex tape, which apparently reveals some mild drug use, might be up for grabs soon.  It looks like the video might be very shocking, as it has team Spears worried that if the video is shown on the Net, it might actually screw any chance Brit has to get custody of her children.  Damn, if that doesn’t sound terrible & hot all at once!

What do you think, is there really a video of Brit & the dancers out there?

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It looks like Paris Hilton & Kim Kardashian have something more than being pals in common, they both will have had sex tapes released on video for us to feast our eyes upon.

The news is out & the news is that Kim Kardashian’s infamous sex tape is going to be released to the world at large on March 21.  Interestingly, Kim shot this sex tape last spring when she was dating Nick Lachey briefly.

The sex tape with Kardashian & R&B artist Ray J, who is also the little brother of Brandy, will be released despite some last-minute legal battles.  Adult video distributor Vivid Entertainment will be releasing the hot video & the sales are expected to, umm, blow the roof. 

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Kim Kardashian Plans to Sue Over Celebrity Sex Tape with Ray J

kim-kardashian-sex-tape-2-8-07.jpgWell, it’s on & on till the crack of dawn.  Hottie (& possible porn star) Kim Kardashian plans on filing a legal claim in a feeble effort to stop the release of a celebrity sex tape starring none other than Kardashian & former flame, singer Ray J.

26-year-old Kardashian is no stranger to sex tapes or as I like to call it, homemade porn.  Kim has indeed confirmed the existence of said sex tape, but reveals that she has “nothing to do” with the tape being made public.

Kardashian states that she is “hurt and embarrassed” regarding the possibility of the tape’s release.  I respond to Kim by saying that we are “excited & awaiting” the tape’s release.

The Los Angeles-based stylist is actually the stepsister of The Hills actor Brody Jenner.  Kardashian dated Nick Lachey for a short spell back in 2005 & has most recently been getting her funk on with actor Nick Cannon. 

Oooo, wouldn’t it be so hot if there was a Kim Kardashian & Nick Lachey sex tape out there somewhere?!  We can only dream so….

What do you think- Would a Kim Kardashian sex tape be steamy hot?


Daily Dose of Zen: Carmen Electra Celebrity Sex Tape?


Carmen Electra celebrity sex tape?  Are you kidding me?  That’s so hot! 

Ha!  Just kidding.  That was a little mean, wasn’t it?  Well, it’s kinda like a sex tape in a way.  According to HollywoodTuna Electra has been cast as a porn legend in a new British film, I Want Candy. 

Aww, I’m sorry.  Are you still disappointed?  Well, hopefully this image of the Taco Bell princess will make up for it.

Keeley Hazell Sex Tape is Revealed

keeley-hazell-sex-tape-1-15-07.jpgThere should be a Hollywood rule, if you plan on being famous, don’t make a sex tape.   Or maybe the rule should be, if you’re planning on becoming famous, make a sex tape.  I think I’ll go with the latter choice.

Anyhoo, the Keeley Hazell sex tape is here & I know you can’t wait, so click here for the hot video.

So it’s a whole lotta man ass & not the best camera angles, but it’s still a Keeley Hazell sex tape & that’s all that matters, right?

A big thanks to Egotastic for the scoop. 

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