Danielle Staub Sex Video Pictures Revealed [NSFW]

The most famous thing Danielle Staub of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has done is coin the stupid term Prostitution Whore, but now she can add sex video to her repertoire and we have the first pictures from that video. The video will hit store shelves on June 14th and it's … [Read more...]

Brinkley’s ex has sex tape

Remember supermodel Christy Brinkley’s ex-husband? The sleazebag architect Peter Cook, who torpedoed his relationship with Brinkley by having an affair with his 18-year-old office assistant has more problems looming. Apparently, his shenanigans with Diana Bianchi has been … [Read more...]

Charlotte’s Sex Tape?

Is the prudish Charlotte really in an explicit sex tape? Kristin Davis, (who has somehow never managed to shake off her upper-east-clean alter ego Charlotte of Sex and the City), has been "caught on tape", according to Radar magazine, who also said that the tape is being sold to … [Read more...]

You Tell Me: Would You Watch a Kate Moss & Pete Doherty Celebrity Sex Tape?

With the news of not only one but TWO Kate Moss & Pete Doherty celebrity sex tapes possibly being released, I started to wonder, would I actually watch one of them? I mean, Kate's certainly hot enough to justify a few moments of sexy hotness, but I think I might … [Read more...]

Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo Celebrity Sex Tape?

Now that would be juicy beyond belief!  A Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo celebrity sex tape would blow any other sex tapes out of the water this year! And according to TMZ, it might actually exist!  Apparently the couple were having some hard core sex in a Jacuzzi in … [Read more...]