You Tell Me: Would You Watch a Kate Moss & Pete Doherty Celebrity Sex Tape?

With the news of not only one but TWO Kate Moss & Pete Doherty celebrity sex tapes possibly being released, I started to wonder, would I actually watch one of them? I mean, Kate’s certainly hot enough to justify a few moments of sexy hotness, but I think I might actually gag if I saw Pete’s uglies bumping up next to Moss.  You tell me. 

You Tell Me: Is Tori Spelling One Hot Mama?

After giving birth to her & Dean McDermott’s son Liam Aaron back in March, Tori Spelling decided it was high time to do something about that baby weight she had put on during the pregnancy. Spelling, who gained a total of 4o pounds during the pregs, has been able to shed 22 pounds of that weight in four months.  How is the […]

You Tell Me: Would Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz Make a Good Married Couple?

Now, don’t go get your panties all in a wad, those nasty little rumors about Ashlee Simpson & rocker beau Pete Wentz are simply not true, though I doubt Ashlee would mind if they were. While I know a few of you probably got excited over the reported news, I wonder, would Ashlee & Pete really make […]

You Tell Me: Does Katie Holmes Look Happy?

Mom/wife/actress/Scientologist Katie Holmes was spotted walking the red carpet for the New York premiere of Hairspray on Monday. Holmes made a surprise appearance at the Ziegfeld Theatre in a sexy black mini dress.  The 28-year-old star came to support the entire cast of the film, but most especially fellow Scientologist John Travolta. Although Katie looked fabulous […]

You Tell Me: Is Christina Aguilera Going To Be a Good Mom?

At her first Australian concert, Christina Aguilera didn’t even try to hide her pregnancy. During the performance, Xtina smiled & pointed at her belly, making sure the yelling crowd knew what she was getting so excited about onstage. 

You Tell Me: Is ‘I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry’ a Movie Flop?

The stars of the new movie I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry showed up in strength for Thursday’s Los Angeles premiere. Jessica Biel, Adam Sandler & Kevin James all took to the red carpet with ease & humor.  While Jessica usually look amazing to the point of jealousy, the cut on that dress she’s wearing […]

You Tell Me: What Do You Make of Queen Latifah’s Blonde Look?

It’s all Britney Spears’ fault, giving folks the idea that it’s okay to go around Hollywood with bad wigs on her mangy head. But I would have thought more from Hairspray‘s Motormouth Maybelle, Queen Latifah, who showed up for Wednesday’s premiere of the movie with some kind of blonde poodle-type thing on her head.  You tell me, […]

You Tell Me: When Is Lindsay Lohan Going to Get Her Life On Track?

Lindsay Lohan….the name itself brings many memories & photographs. Why, we can all think back to the young & innocent days of the teen queen, before she became the mess of a woman she is today.  But when is this mistress of the party going to turn her one-woman trainwreck around?

You Tell Me: When the Heck is Naomi Watts Going to Deliver Baby?

  My god, it’s like actress Naomi Watts is in a twilight zone, experiencing something like a 12th trimester. When on earth is this little frame of a woman going to give birth to that Liev Schreiber baby bulge?  You tell me.

You Tell Me: Do You Want David & Victoria Beckham in the States?

With the big move this week for David & wife Victoria Beckham to the U.S., I am beginning to wonder if this is such a good idea after all. I mean, half the time it looks like Posh is actually some kind of she-bot controlled by the whims of her tiny little mind, but you […]