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What are celebrities showing in their Instagram pictures? Oh a lot, obviously. They can easily outshadow the most daring insta challenges of non-celebrity users because of their popularity. So let’s list them down.

Their Most Personal

Celebrities are showing their most intimate moments with their loved ones. The effect would vary depending on the nature of the shared picture. Pictures like the above usually garner the most positive reaction from the public.

Their Best

Celebrities can show their most glamorous side, made up like the star adulated by fans and followers.

Their Worst

Celebrities can also show their most unglamorous side probably to show that they are human as well. They also have bad hair days like us.

Their Weirdest

Celebrities can choose to make a statement with pictures or simply to be humorous in their own weird way.

Their Most Entertaining

Celebrities cam also entertain us with the experiments they do on themselves just like when Tyra Banks above was toying with the idea of having extraterrestrial features. Wonder if that was intended to start a new trend or what.


We all know how consequences of our actions sometimes catches up to us no matter how much the price we’ve already paid for it. With the media gone crazy on the plight of Lindsay Lohan and her constant battles with authorities, it is pretty easy for other celebrities to poke fun at her self-inflicted misfortunes.

While on the set of her reality TV show, The world according to Paris, Paris Hilton jabbed a rather painful joke at Lindsay Lohan. A woman asked Paris for  a pair of earrings she was wearing, and although she agreed to give it away, the heiress was quoted as saying. “ I’m not Lindsay. If I were Lindsay, I’d be stealing the earrings and not giving them away.”

Her rather insightful joke comes after Lindsay Lohan’s arrest for theft of a necklace from a high end boutique called Kanoffie & Co in LA. Lohan has most certainly broken her 2007 probation which was given after her arrest for DUI due to the theft charges filed against her last April.

The once shining child star, was cast in a shadow of a steep fine and  3 years probation after pleading no contest to the charges of theft.  She is currently serving 480 hrs of community service and  120 days in jail. She is to turn herself in on June 17.

The 24 yr old actress has begun her community service last week and shall be serving her jail term under house arrest.

How sad indeed for such a beautiful face be so riddled with poor decisions and judgement in a life that expects her to be on top of her game. She admits to many of her poor decisions but easily quips she is a fighter and is aware of how much work she needs to get done to enable her audience to shower her with the same respect.

Photo Credit: jessicaemily01

Photo Credit: AMU15041


Paris Hilton Favored By Judge

Remember “Pledge This?” I thought not. It was that movie with Paris Hilton which turned out to be a huge flop. Oh which one was that again?
Producers of the movie have been going after Hilton, asking her to pay over $8 million because she supposedly did not do her part to promote it. Question is, even if she did really promote it, would it have made any difference?

Anyhow, the judge presiding over the case ruled in Hilton’s favor, saying that she will not have to pay that much although she might have to pay part of the fees that were given to her – around a mill, i think.


Paris’ New Feline Companion

Paris Hilton buys magazines in Sherman Oaks, CA
The heiress has a new companion, this time of the feline kind. She has been seen going around with a cute little kitten. This one’s definitely not your everyday run of the mill tabby!


Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt Split

Paris Hilton, a vision in blue, follows boyfriend Doug Reinhardt out of the cinema following the premiere of Rex
The high profile couple have confirmed that they have indeed gone their separate ways. Even though Paris was sure that she’d wed Reinhardt – she declared this in April – things seem to have changed direction.


Paris: I Want Angelina As My BFF

2009 Park City - Hollywood Life House Portraits - Day 3

She’s got everything that a normal girl would want, doesn’t she? But hey, Paris Hilton is no ordinary girl. With her show “My New BFF” comes new ambitions. Now she wants Angelina Jolie to be her BFF. The question is, does Angelina want that too?


Hair we go again

paris hilton

Paris Hilton’s quite the trendsetter. She’s coming out with “the first interchangeable hair extension headband.” Uhm. Yeah. Just what the party girl needs: fake hair attached with mere strips of Velcro. We know it’ll be a hit. That’s what makes it so scary.


Paris grows up?

paris hilton

“I feel like such a grown up now,” says Paris Hilton.

Excuse me? Paris? An adult? Well she did say that while surrounded by grown men dressed in superhero and Star Wars costumes, so her definition of ‘adult’ may have been a liiiittle off. But, the actress opens up about her new life and, dare we say it, she does sound more mature.


Let’s make music together

paris and benji
Musician Benji Madden has already written a song about girlfriend Paris Hilton, and now he’s helping her discover her own, uhm, talent. The two are collaborating on the theme song for her MTV reality show, My New BFF. “Benji and I have been working hard on it,” she said. “He’s helping me write the lyrics for the song and then I’ll sing it, too.” She’s also laying plans for her next album.


Paris “sparkles” at Valentine’s parties


Paris Hilton sure knows how to party! The “hottie” poses at one of the many Hollywood celeb bashes. No, she didn’t come with a date — but with that smile (and a slinky silver gown) she was no wallflower, either. The party was held at Las Vegas’ LAX nightclub.


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