What are Celebrities Showing in Their Instagram Pictures?

What are celebrities showing in their Instagram pictures? Oh a lot, obviously. They can easily outshadow the most daring insta challenges of non-celebrity users because of their popularity. So let's list them down. Their Most Personal Celebrities are showing their most … [Read more...]

Paris Hilton Jabs a Bad Joke at Lindsay Lohan

We all know how consequences of our actions sometimes catches up to us no matter how much the price we’ve already paid for it. With the media gone crazy on the plight of Lindsay Lohan and her constant battles with authorities, it is pretty easy for other celebrities to poke fun … [Read more...]

Paris Hilton Favored By Judge

Remember "Pledge This?" I thought not. It was that movie with Paris Hilton which turned out to be a huge flop. Oh which one was that again? Producers of the movie have been going after Hilton, asking her to pay over $8 million because she supposedly did not do her part to … [Read more...]

Paris’ New Feline Companion

The heiress has a new companion, this time of the feline kind. She has been seen going around with a cute little kitten. This one's definitely not your everyday run of the mill tabby! … [Read more...]

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt Split

The high profile couple have confirmed that they have indeed gone their separate ways. Even though Paris was sure that she'd wed Reinhardt - she declared this in April - things seem to have changed direction. … [Read more...]