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Five Hollywood Personalities Who Collect Fine Art

Famous celebrities are not at all one dimensional people. As a matter of fact, most of them have gained their popularity because of their multi-dimensional personalities and skills. There are a whole lot of Hollywood personalities that also have a mild obsession with collecting fine art. If you’re interested for interest’s sake in just who […]

Madonna Goes To Israel

Madonna has been traipsing around the world, and nothing is stopping her – not even the jeers and boos she received in her recent concert. Her latest destination? The Holy Land, where she visited the Western Wall among other things. She has two concerts slated in Israel.

Madonna Allowed To Adopt Mercy

Madonna faced a temporary glitch in the process of adopting 3-year-old Mercy from Malawi, but she received good news from the high court of the country. They are now allowing her to adopt a second child from the country given her love, her determination, and her income tax returns.

Madonna To Drop $40M On NY Townhouse

The Material Girl is trying to “recreate London in NYC,” and her new townhouse – all $40m of it – is only the beginning. The house has 36 rooms and 12,000 sq ft of living space. Some sources say, however, that inside you can hear subway trains passing by. So NOT cool.

UK Charity To Madonna: Think Twice

Rumors have been circulating that Madonna is set to adopt a little girl from Malawi. Of course, everyone has their own thoughts about this. A UK charity, Save the Children, is urging her to think about it more, as it may send the wrong message. I don’t get it, but that’s just me.

Madonna Son-less For Christmas

The news is that the star is not going to spend her Christmas with her boys. It was reported today that Madonna and ex Guy Ritchie met up so that the kids could go spend the holidays with their dad. The question is this: Who is Madonna spending Christmas with?

All Good Between Madonna And Ex

Going through a divorce is never easy – more so when you are a public figure like Madonna. Her and ex-hubby Guy Ritchie have finally settled their scores, though, to the tune of $76M! I think she’s celebrating by way of several concerts in the near future.

Madonna’s weird list to Guy

Posted above are reportedly a list of things that Guy Ritchie should follow that was sent by Madonna when their sons visit him. I’ll leave you guys to make your own judgement.

Madonna, A-Rod really an item

These rumors won’t die out. Madonna and baseball star Alex Rodriquez are supposedly really getting all smoochy. Rumors have begun circulating again that there really is a relationship between Madge and A-Rod and that Madonna is only waiting for her tour to end before announcing her plans to divorce. There really must be some truth […]

Madonna turns 50 — in style!

Happy Birthday, Madonna! The singer celebrated the day at a party organized by her husband Guy Ritchie and well attended by friends.

Madonna, a home wrecker?

Madonna claims her marriage is doing just fine — but it’s not going as well for Alex Rodriguez, the guy she’s supposedly having affair with. His wife Cynthia Rodriguez has filed for divorca. Here’s the deal:though she admits the couple has had big problems, “Madonna was the last straw.” So is Madonna hiding something, or […]

Madge Talks Sex (Again)

Pushing the big five-O, but sultrier than ever, Madonna, (endearingly called Madge by her adoptive country, Britain) gushed that sex with her 39-year-old hubby, Brit film maker Guy Ritchie, was “incredible”. “Sex with Guy is incredible … And surprise, surprise, it’s his favorite song on the album. Actually, maybe it’s not his favorite song, but […]