Khloe Kardashian makes it too easy sometimes

From what I have read and seen in Disney movies, it can be hard being the ugly adopted child in the family so I'm not trying to rag on Khloe too much here, but feel it needs to be done. Wait a second, my agent is trying to tell me something. What?! She isn't adopted? You mean she … [Read more...]

Khloe Kardashian On Her Tatts

I love what she said about tatts and Bentleys! Apparently, sister Kim has been kidding her about her ink and said that you don't "put bumper stickers on a Bentley." To that, Khloe replied, "I guess I am not a Bentley!" She has several tattoos, most of them she is proud of. … [Read more...]

Stars Go Trick-Or-Treating

Although Halloween seemed tamer this year, we still managed to round up Hollywood's best dressed. It’s that time of the year when freakish suits and outlandish getups get our thumbs up. Tell us which costume you loved best. Paris Hilton downs a few drinks and does a cancan … [Read more...]

Odoms Get Matching Tatts

Technically, Khloe is still a Kardashian and not an Odom, but the couple have gotten matching tattoos to signify their union. In the picture shown by TMZ, you can see their initials on their hands. What do you think, is it sweet or overrated? … [Read more...]

Khloe Says Her Marriage Is Bliss

Tabloids say that newlyweds Khloe and Lamar have split. The reason? Lamar (allegedly) refused to give her a massage. Khloe's reaction? That's hilarious. She says she has never been this happy. Good for her! … [Read more...]