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Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz: Together Again

…for a movie, that is. The former flames are working on their first project ever since they split up in 2007.

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake in Bad Teacher

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The stars usually save their best threads for the biggest awards show of the year—The Academy Awards. See which women stood out in the Oscar 2010 red carpet.

82nd Annual Academy Awards - Rachel McAdams
Spring is coming! Rachel McAdams’ pastel-patterned Elie Saab Haute couture gown took the attention away from the dark, monochrome hues of the lingering Winter season.

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Yet Another Comic Spy Movie

I’ve been ecstatically waiting to see Steve Carell and Tina Fey’s Date Night, so when I saw the trailer of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz’s Knight And Day, I couldn’t help but give an unimpressed smirk.

Knight And Day is coming out on July 2…

…while Date Night is coming out on April 9.

Another spy movie spoof? While Tom Cruise is the king of me-against-the-world action flicks, the tandem of Steve Carell and Tina Fey will undoubtedly reign the comedy department. And since both spy movies are aiming for the funnies, my money’s on Date Night.


Cameron Diaz in Marie Claire

If you based looks just on personality, Cameron Diaz would be a 10. I can admit that faster than a cop eats a bagel. That’s not the expression? Well where I am from our cops are healthy, eat bagels without cream cheese and practice yoga daily. I live in a perfect society where humans are 8ft tall, the women have buns of steel and everyone loves everyone. Of course I have also been stuck in a coma for the last 20 years, but they have this machine that reads my thoughts and posts blog entries so it’s a win-win situation for me.

So yeah, Cameron Diaz has a great personality and sometimes looks good. Most of time though I’m just not feeling the tightness in my pants when I see her. She almost has a Joker face at times that can be scary. Seriously, imagine her face painted with that giant smile and her popping out of your closet at night and standing over your bed not saying a word. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t be urinating the ceiling yellow.

Maybe you think I am harboring some resentment for her because of our failed relationship. She is the reason I am in this coma you know. She actually did jump out of the closet with some makeup and stared at me, but I think that had more to do with me locking her in there with nothing to eat but blush and lipstick.

She is a strong woman. I’m never going to the circus again.


Cameron goes bald!

There’s Cameron Diaz with her new hair — or rather, no hair. She was photographed on the set of her movie, “My Sister’s Keeper.”


Cameron’s family tragedy

Our condolences to Cameron Diaz, whose father Emilio passed away Tuesday morning. His death had been unexpected, since he was only in his late fifties. However, a seemingly innocent flu escalated into pneumonia. Cameron has taken an indefinite leave from the movie she is filming,
My Sister’s Keeper.

Fans may remember Emilio’s cameo appearance in There’s Something about Mary.



Well folks, the word on the street by a pimp named Slim is that John Mayer & surfer girl Cameron Diaz might be trying to get into each other’s pants.

The rumors are flying that Mayer & Diaz were seen enjoying a romantic dinner in New York City earlier this week.  The duo were spotted cozying up & doing  their fair share of canoodling. 

While it’s always super crazy exciting when new couples develop, I think I’m going to have to wait on some hot images before I can believe this one.  But go ahead & tell me, what would you think of the team-up?



Was it that time again already?  The Live Earth concert was held on Saturday with concert venues ranging from London, South Africa, New York & Tokyo with the purpose of raising awareness about global warming.

Stars the likes of Justin Timberlake, Cameron Diaz & Leonardo DiCaprio took center stage to show their passion about the environment.  It’s just too bad it’s not a naked event, right?




Well no one was denying reports when we didn’t know Criss Angel had some kind of secret marriage, but now that the cat’s out of the bag, who know.

Cameron Diaz has until just recently never commented on her relationship with magicman Criss Angel, but now the actress is denying that the two really ever hooked up. 

Cam’s publicist is stating that the two saw each other only four times & are not currently enjoying any sexy time.  Hmmmm…..


Umm, who else knew that magicman Criss Angel was married?  Looks like it was a pretty well kept secret.  Apparently Angel has been married going on five years & his wife Joanne Sarantakos isn’t a happy woman.

Sarantakos filed for divorce from Criss last week claiming that her marriage was destroyed by blonde actress Cameron Diaz.  Reportedly, Joanne’s attorney will subpoena Diaz for the divorce trial.  Funnily enough, neither Criss nor Cam have denied the affair….  What do you think?



Shrek’s Cameron Diaz was spotted recently looking adorable as ever.  You know, the blonde star seems even happier lately, despite ex-beau Justin Timberlake copping feelsies on new flame Jessica Biel.

Maybe, just maybe, Diaz knows something we don’t.  Come to think of it, Cam sure has been looking smiley with JT around on the Shrek the Third Europe promotion tour…



Photo Credit



What an interesting weekend it was!  Paris Hilton getting ready for the slammer while the entire cast of Shrek 3 lined up on the red carpet in Los Angeles Sunday for the U.S. premiere.

A newly blonde Cameron Diaz & Mike Meyers hammed it up for the premiere of the ogre-ridden third installment of the animated film.

Cam looked adorable in a pink mini, while Meyers tried to show off those stellar, umm, calves of his.

Photo Credit



Drunkypants Cameron Diaz was spotted last week leaving none other than Paris Hilton’s house completely wasted.

Diaz even needed help from a supposed pal to help her into the back seat of her car.  Wow, must have been one wild night at the Hilton house.

Why are Cam & Paris even friends anyway?  It seems like good ole Cameron would be above that by now…..

What do you think?

Photo Credit



So, I was looking at this vibrant image of Cameron Diaz’s nipples & I got rather frightened & then I wondered if it was just me or not.

It seems like if you touched Cam’s pokies they would make you do 150 sit-ups & run 15 miles before you got the honor.  Who know, they may even make you salute before you can get near them.

Photo Credit



You just gotta love actress Cameron Diaz.  I mean she’s like made of muscles these days.  You know, I think she’s actually just one big muscle. 

Diaz was spotted Saturday making a Hawaiian beach come alive with sexy as she helped some kids make sandcastles under the sun.  Ahhhh, I think my Tuesday just got a little bit better……

Photo Credit

Cameron Diaz Spotted in Beverly Hills Wednesday

cameron-diaz-beverly-hills-2-8-07.jpgWhile her ex-beau Justin Timberlake was preparing to perform “Dick in a Box” to a sold-out crowd in New York, Cameron Diaz took to the streets.

On Wednesday afternoon Diaz stepped out for a workout in Beverly Hills, which she apparently does a lot since she’s pretty much made of chiseled stone now.  I wonder what Cam is thinking……

‘Damn Justin.  That “Dick in the Box” was my idea!”

Well, maybe not.  But I’d hazard a guess that her thoughts on JT are not happy ones.

Thanks to People for the image.


Cameron Diaz Spotted in Hawaii Pictures

cameron-diaz-beach-1-30-07.jpgWhile ex-beau Justin Timberlake seems to be getting his groove on with just about everybody, Cameron Diaz is still soaking up the rays in Hawaii.

Diaz has been enjoying a two week island getaway & was spotted Saturday taking in the sights.  Diaz & pal Kelly Slater seem to be getting on just fine in Hawaii without Timberlake’s company.

What do you think- Do you miss the Cameron Diaz & Justin Timberlake days?

Thanks to People for the image.

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