Ashley Olsen, Is That You?

We almost didn’t recognize Ashley Olsen, the other half of the Olsen twins. … [Read more...]

British Elle Style Awards

Hooray for fashionistas! They dare challenge fashion convention and make us look forward to their red carpet photos because we know they won’t be wearing the usual glam gowns. See which celebs rose to the occasion at the UK Elle Style Awards last Tuesday. Kristen Stewart: … [Read more...]

Oh Boye, It’s Olsen Fashion!

It’s about time they came up with their own label. Celebrity twin moguls Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen tied up with J.C. Penny to launch Olsenboye, a teen line that promises to sell stylish Olsen designs for under $50. The clothes finally made it to the J.C. Penny racks this week. … [Read more...]

Ashley Olsen Looks Good Without That Other Girl

I have to admit that although she is about 3'4" and isn't known for much more than being the reason Heath Ledger is dead, Ashley Olsen isn't looking too bad here. Maybe it's because she doesn't have her siamese twin with her holding her back, but it works out well for her. The … [Read more...]

Olsen twins and their primadonna rules

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen recently had a book signing event for their new book Influence. Primadonnas that they are, strict guidelines were presented to the public and among them is that they will only sign the book and will not speak or answer any questions. Taking photos are … [Read more...]