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Is Juan Pablo Galavis The Worst ‘Bachelor’ Ever?

Apparently, looks aren’t everything, as everyone — from the producers to the viewers — can’t wait for Juan Pablo Galavis‘ The Bachelor season to end, which did just recently.

juan pablo galavis as the bachelor

(c) ABC

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Brad Womack Returning To Bachelor?

Brad Womack - The Bachelor

Brad Womack may soon be looking for love a second time with a possible encore return to The Bachelor.

The move would be the first time someone returns to the show as the leading character. Womack first appeared on The Bachelor in 2007. During his last appearance Womack rejected all of his finalist, those finalists were DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft.

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Bachelor’s Dirty Secrets Exposed

No surprise there. So-and-so joined reality TV to become a star. So-and-so had a dirty past before joining the show. So-on-so posed nude for so-and-so magazine. So-and-so is addicted to plastic surgery. So-and-so did this-and-that because the producers told him/her to. Reality TV has been around long enough for the public to know that it isn’t exactly real anymore.

Still, we can’t help but get hooked on the shows, such as The Bachelor, for example. US Weekly’s latest issue tells us all about The Bachelor’s dirty little secrets, such as bitter exes, plastic surgery, and naughty photos.

Other stories on this week’s issue are: the talked-about feud between American Idol judges Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres, and Taylor Swift’s new love life with a supposed Glee star.

Pick up a copy. You’ve predicted everything all along, but you know you still want to read the juicy details.


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