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Mariah Carey Turns Hit Song Into Children’s Book

Songstress, Mariah Carey is taking one of her most memorable tunes and transforming it into a children’s tale. This fall, the self-professed diva will release her very first book. All I Want for Christmas Is You is inspired by Carey’s Christmas hit of the same name. And by inspired, we mean the exact lyrics will […]

Stars Celebrate Easter: Paris Hilton and Mariah Carey Dress Up as Easter Bunnies

How do Hollywood celebs celebrate Easter? Some ditch the city and party at some exotic locale while some stars go the religious route and spend the weekend with family. Paris Hilton donned an Easter bunny suit at the Playboy mansion and hung around the Hef.  Paris tweeted, ‘The Easter Bunny with Hef. Love you @HughHefner. […]

Celebrities Celebrate Thanksgiving!

How do celebs spend Thanksgiving in Hollywood? You’d be surprised how most would ditch the lavish catering services for the comfort of homemade Thanksgiving meals with their families. Some do drop the diva attitude and even spend time tackling the turkey in the kitchen.

Nick Cannon’s Birthday Weekend with Mariah Carey

Music diva Mariah Carey placed aside her overblown spat with American Idol judge Nicki Minaj so she could enjoy her hubby’s 32nd birthday. The couple celebrated early into the weekend until Nick’s birthday last Monday.

NCredible Health Hustle: Nick Cannon’s Web Documentary Series

Nick Cannon is a personality in his own right, but he really got the attention of people when he hooked up with older singer Mariah Carey. You can say all you want about that – and his career as well, but it seems that the two are going strong. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said […]

Nick Cannon Resigns From Radio Show

Comedian/host and Mariah Carey’s hubby Nick Cannon had a medical scare a few months back that saw him hospitalized for weeks. Knowing that health is more important than anything, Cannon has announced that he will be cutting back on his workload and concentrating on getting well. The casualty in this work cutback is his radio […]

Celebrities suffering from infertility

Celebrities aren’t like you and me, they are rich and they are famous. But they can share one thing with us mortals – infertility. Mariah Carey, 42, and her husband, Nick Cannon, spoke about their struggles with infertility in an interview with Us Weekly in November 2010. In 2008, the Maruah suffered a devastating miscarriage […]

Crazy Celebrity Insurance Policies

We all know of the standard insurance policies which cover our day to day lives. We’re constantly exposed to TV adverts of a window cleaner falling from an unstable ladder or an innocent victim receiving whiplash courtesy of a reckless driver. However there is also a world that we’re not exposed to. A world so […]

Nick Cannon’s 30th Birthday Bashes, Sponsors Now Being Accepted?

Nick Cannon wants to have two parties for his 30th birthday, one in Los Angeles and one in New York and to foot the bill The New York Post’s Page Six has discovered that Cannon and wife Mariah Carey are looking for sponsors! Cannon’s reps have been spotted sending out mass emails to corporations to […]

Mariah Carey Has A New Christmas Album Dropping In November

Mariah Carey will be releasing a new Christmas album for the 2010 holiday season. The new album has yet to be recorded, but it’s expected to contain six new songs and a mix of newly re-recorded songs from her hit album Merry Christmas (pictured above) which included the hit song “All I Want For Christmas […]