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Today’s Hottest Woman: Kesha

Kesha Timber hot

Why She’s Today’s Hottest Woman:

Kesha doesn’t the need the ‘$’ anymore. Read the rest of this entry »


Ke$ha Condoms Now Available From LifeStyles

Ke$ha - Tic Tok

Typically we just want to protect ourselves FROM singer Ke$ha, but now you could end up protecting yourself and your partner.

LifeStyles Condoms have teamed up with the pop singer to offer a limited edition line of condoms that feature the singers face. Under the current agreement 10,000 customized rubbers will be shot into crowds during her sold-out concert tour.

The condoms giveaway will begin on Monday, at which point thousands of concertgoers will simultaneously stop having sex, after all the last thing most guys want to see before sex is a picture of Ke$ha staring back at them and their partners.

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Ke$ha At Band Camp, This Is Why She’s A Fake Industry Hack [Video]


I have a deep rooted hatred for the completely industry manufactured Ke$ha or as I like to call her “Lady BlahBlah”  because she wants to be Lady Gaga but has no intelligent lyrics to match that want. Now a video which has surfaced from a 2001 high school band camp proves my point, she’s nothing but a made up industry wanker who changed her entire image to sell some albums.

Don’t get me wrong, some of her songs get stuck in my head, but really it’s like a bad hit of crack that I just can’t get over. Watch as she dances horribly and gets pretty much no attention…even from the geeky band boys. Read the rest of this entry »


Rihanna’s Summer Tour

It’s going to be a sizzling summer for Rihanna!

Rihanna in The Last Girl On Earth Tour

(c) Sam Collart

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Lady Gaga vs. Ke$ha

People have been comparing the two for months now. Both dress outrageously. Both have distinct styles. Both go against mainstream ideology. Both have pop hits.

Although Gaga’s success is way ahead of Ke$ha’s (and yes, her name is spelled with a dollar sign), fans and critics are guessing that Ke$ha could be the one to dethrone Lady Gaga.

This week’s Billboard’s Pop Songs radio airplay chart gave Ke$ha fans something to smile about. Ke$ha’s debut hit “TiK ToK” took the #1 spot from Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” which is now #2. Heads up, Gaga!

Who do you like better?


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