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Miley Cyrus Dolls. Guys, Behave. They’re Sold Out Already

In a new twist on monetizing the now already 27′ long fame of Miley Cyrus some smart guys in the UK, who clearly were wearing online glasses, looking at dollar signs on their screen, now risked to get sued. Sued by Miley Cyrus. Over a doll of the teen celebrity. Read that again: sued over […]

Billy Ray Cyrus Blames ‘Hannah Montana’ For Ruining His “Happy Family”

Sure Miley Cyrus became a gazillionaire and Billy Ray Cyrus once again became a household name thanks to the hit Disney series Hannah Montana but now the one-time mullet wearing rocker is attacking the show for ruining his family life. Billy told GQ Magazine in the March edition “The damn show destroyed my family” while […]


She may just be Miley Cyrus’ biggest fan. We recently spotted the Hannah Montana star with her 10-year-old sister Noah as they headed off to a recording studio in Burbank, California. It’s not about their adorable new dog, Mate, or Miley’s hot leather shorts that piqued my attention. It’s her little sister’s fashion sense! Doesn’t […]

Miley Cyrus’ Last Song

You already know that Hannah Montana is coming to an end, so what’s next for Miley Cyrus? She always said she wanted to do more mature roles onscreen, so here’s her chance to prove that she can do something better than her bubblegum Disney acting. The Last Song is another Nicholas Sparks book-turned-movie about a […]

The Climb Is Over For Hannah Montana

Disney has finally confirmed that Miley Cyrus’ main star vehicle Hannah Montana is ending after its fourth season. “You never know in this business… but right now, we’re scheduled to wrap after shooting this new batch of episodes,” said Disney Channel programming executive Adam Bonnet. Miley fans need not to worry; the 17-year-old popstar has […]

Miley Cyrus: Worst Celebrity Influence Of The Year

The teens and tweens of America have cast their verdict: Miley Cyrus – Hannah Montana – is the worst celebrity influence of the year 2009. It is quite surprising that this age group voted this way, isn’t it?

Miley Cyrus Is All Grown Up

If there was any doubt left as to Miley Cyrus’ growing up, there should be none left by now. She was recently spotted on the set of Sex and the City 2, apparently filming a scene. She’s only 17 but she seems really comfy around older people. Does this mean we’ll have a whole new […]

Miley as Rudolph!

Speaking of young Hollywood, the “it” girl of the moment, Miley Cyrus, a.k.a. Hannah Montana, was seen getting into the holiday spirit as she donned reindeer gear for Christmas episode of her show. Miley told the press that she thought the holidays were a time for family: “It’s important at Christmastime to be daring – […]

Miley lightens up

Miley Cyrus dyed her hair a dark black a few months ago — supposedly to really get the “vibe” of her rockstar TV persona, Hannah Montana. Now she’s sporting a lighter look, with streaks of caramel highlights. So what do you like better?

“Miley, you’re hot, dude!”

American Idol judge Randy Jackson exchanges knuckle knocks with Miley Cyrus at the taping of his show, Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew. What would Randy say of Hannah Montana’s moves if she were on American idol? Not that the teen star needs any more compliments — her sold out concerns are “screaming proof” […]