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People are making so much fuss about Mindy Kaling‘s ELLE cover for February! 

mindy kaling elle cover february

(c) ELLE

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Taylor Swift Sparkles On Elle

Is this an April Fools’ prank? Elle magazine released two covers for their April issue. One features Taylor Swift looking sweet in a sparkling sequined dress, while the other one shows a tough version of the singer wearing a distressed leather jacket.

The interview is actually refreshing and honest, just like the 20-year-old’s music. She’s not trying to be too intellectual or complicated. There’s almost a naïve vibe to her answers. Here’s an excerpt:

On whether she’s really “fearless”: “I over-think everything. I overanalyze everything.”

On one of her biggest fears: “Me making a bunch of bad decisions and embarking on a painful, slow, devastating tailspin.”

On sourcing material from her romantic relationships: “I like to categorize the various levels of heartbreak. I’ve only had that happen once. A letdown is worth a few songs. A heartbreak is worth a few albums.”

Which cover version would you purchase?


Katie Holmes: Elle Cover Girl

Katie Holmes is the latest Elle cover girl and she talks about fashion and more. Interestingly enough, she mentions that husband Tom Cruise is her fashion critic. So no need for the fashion police, huh?


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