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Oscar-nominated actor Michael Clarke Duncan died at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on Monday morning, after trying to recover from a heart attack in July.

It was Duncan’s fiancée Omarosa Manigault who found him unconscious and performed emergency CPR until paramedics arrived, but the actor never fully recovered from the myocardial infarction he suffered from the incident two months ago.
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Leslie Nielsen Dead At 84

Leslie Nielsen Death

Leslie Nielsen, star of Airplane and the Naked Gun series, among other comedic and serious films has died, he was 84 years old.

Nielsen passed away at a hospital near his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Sunday. Nielsen is said to have been suffering from complications due to pneumonia.

The actors passing was confirmed by his nephew Doug Nielsen:

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Gary Coleman’s Family Clashes Over Body, Funeral Delayed

Gary Coleman Funeral Delayed

One-time child star Gary Coleman was suppose to be laid to rest this weekend, now we’ve come to learn that those plans have been post-poned as different factions of his family and former family feud over what to do with his body.

The battle is specifically focusing on a fight between Coleman’s ex-wife and his long-estranged parents

Victor Perillo, Coleman’s former manager said his parents are the legal custodians for his body since he divorced his ex-wife Shannon Price in 2008. Coleman hadn’t spoken with his sleeze ball parents since they stole all his money as a child, it had been 21 years since they last spoke. Read the rest of this entry »


Dennis Hopper Laid To Rest By Family And A-List Friends

Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider

Dennis Hopper’s memorial service occurred today in Rancho De Toas, New Mexico and the actors friends and family were on hand to witness his burial, among those friends in attendance were Jack Nicholson and Val Kilmer.

The 74 year-old  actor was laid to rest after he lost his battle to cancer this week, he was diagnosed in 2009.

The world recognized star was buried in a simple wood coffin after a two-hour service which included a funeral procession with half a dozen motorcycles.

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John Travolta appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show Wednesday, and expressed his gratitude for the support that his family has been receiving in regard to the death of his son Jett. He also talked about the family movie that they are releasing this month. It was an emotional moment for John, who appeared with his daughter Ella.


Stephen Gately Of Boyzone Dies Tragic Death

Boyzone used to be the big thing in the pop music scene, and they stirred more than enough controversy when member Stephen Gately announced that he was gay. About 10 years later, he makes the headlines again, but this time in a tragic sense. He passed away in Mallorca, Spain; the reasons are unknown.


Patrick Swayze Remains Cremated

Patrick Swayze’s remains have been cremated, according to his death certificate. His family has been silent as to plans for his funeral but the town where Dirty Dancing was filmed is planning its own memorial service. It is open to everyone, although donations to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is being requested.


R.I.P. Patrick Swayze

Another Hollywood icon has left us. Actor Patrick Swayze has been battling pancreatic cancer for quite some time now, and he has been holding up so well. Despite the issues related to the disease, he tried to continue working and living his life. On Monday, the star of such movies as Ghost and Dirty Dancing passed away with his family by his side. Patrick Swayze was 57.


Australia Actor Ray Barrett Passes Away

Actor Ray Barrett passed away after he suffered a fall in his home in Queensland. The Australian actor became famous in the 80s and was recently part of the big budget movie, Australia. Our condolences to the family.


Jackson Family Late For Burial

I know they’re all rich and famous, but is that an excuse to be late for their brother’s/son’s funeral? According to TMZ, which has been live blogging the event, the Jackson family was late for the funeral. Despite the nice fleet of Rolls Royce Phantoms that they got for themselves, they couldn’t manage to come on time. Tsk, tsk.


DJ AM Buried Yesterday

DJ AM was brought to his final resting place yesterday at the Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary at 3 PM. There will be a service held for him tonight at the Hollywood Palladium.


DJ AM’s Death Linked To Pain Medication

The death of DJ AM has rocked the celebrity world yet again, and much like the Michael Jackson case, it seems that pain medication plays a huge role. According to Dr. Drew Pinsky, an addiction specialist, the pain medication that was prescribed to DJ AM after his plan accident last year might be the cause of his sliding back to old habits. The doctor is not pointing any fingers but is raising the point that this kind of medication slowly and subtly reawakens past desires linked to drug use.


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