Is Jennifer Aniston Pregnant & Back to Dating Vince Vaughn?



British gossip queen Holey Moley is reporting that Jennifer Aniston is not only visiting ex-flame Vince Vaughn on the set of his new movie in London, but is also pregnant with his love child.  Yeah, pretty unbelievable I’d have to say.  And to tell you the truth, I think we’re all about sick of hearing about Aniston & Vaughn.  Am I right?

Also, the power-players on the set (we all know it’s the drivers) report than Jennifer Aniston has been dragging her huge chin there to watch her beau spin out strands of comedy magic, and she’s quite obviously lugging a mini-Vince around in her womb as she’s sweating for two.

The poor sods who have to do the real acting (learning words and not just standing there with a quizzical look and gurning), Paul Giametti and John Michael Higgins, are described as “lovely”.

Wow, that was one crazy piece of gossip.  What do you think, is Jen toting around a mini-Vince?