Christian Bale Ends His Batman Reign

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Christian Bale has taken his Bat Suit to the cleaners and stuffed it into the Bat Storage unit. Certainly one of Gotham’s sexiest to play Bruce Wayne, this caped crusader has decided to hang up his role as Batman.

Starting off his film resume’  with a rather odd selection of blockbuster movies , playing the role of Batman sent his career to a whirlwind of Hollywood stardom. To date, Bale has made three franchise Batman films with Director Christopher Nolan since 2005. “Batman Begins” earned him great reviews with the movie raking in at least $1 billion dollars in the box office.  Even as we sadly lost Heath Ledger in the midst of filming “ Dark Knight “, the late young actor is surely smiling down the heavens for Bale’s Oscar trophy  on this go around. “ The Dark Knight Rises “ set to premiere in July 2012, will see Christian Bale’s last  Batman run, as he clips his batwings and leaves Gotham flashing the bat signal for the next sexy Hollywood Bruce Wayne to fit in them Batty Tighties!

In search of a new adventure ,  armed with an Oscar to go with a wide range of acting skills,   and  some darn drool-worthy good looks –  we doubt Christian Bale would need any bat tricks and bat gadgets to get him soaring in his path to find his permanent seat among the galaxy of Hollywood stars.


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