Tom Hanks has finally outdone Bill Murray when it comes to mingling with his fans. The Oscar award-winner was gracious enough to pose for some crazy photos.

Based on Hanks’ Aug 22 tweet, “Back from Vacation. Missed the Olympics but know of US Women’s soccer Gold!! In Fargo ND? The TNT Diner makes killer breakfast. Hanx.” Call it one of the coolest celeb sightings on record as Tom Hanks pretends to hang out with a wasted dude at a diner.

The twenty-something dude then posted his fake wasted photos on which immediately went viral.

“My friend met Tom Hanks, stole his glasses and pretended to be wasted,” username groucho22 posted on Reddit.

Fan sightings of Bill Murray are known to be epic as well. Here’s a shot of a charming Bill Murray washing dishes at a College house party in Scotland. Bill Murray simply went about the business of doing the dishes because the party kids didn’t have any clean glasses at the house.

Hanks however is known to be the nicest guy in Hollywood. Right now, he is currently filming the Walt Disney biopic Saving Mr. Banks which is set to screen in 2014.