Lindsay Lohan Could Be Charged With Assault Of Betty Ford Staffer

Lindsay Lohan Closeup Cleavage

During a recent argument at the Betty Ford Center in suburban Palm Springs Lindsay Lohan allegedly attacked a female stuff, an attack which according to Riverside County authorities could land Lohan back in court to face assault charges.

The attack which occurred on Dec. 12 led the staffer to ask that charges be pressed, although no arrests have been made at this time since the attack didn’t happen in front of an officer, however detectives are investigating the staffers claim.

Lohan is serving time at Betty Ford under court mandated supervision and if found guilty of violating her probation she could face up to six months behind bars.

According to Sgt. Joe Borja of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department:

“The victim desired prosecution,” while adding,  “The incident is being investigated as a misdemeanor.”

According to Lohan the assault never occurred, while it’s being claimed that Lohan and several roommates at the vicinity returned after a night at the bar. Yes folks that’s right Lohan goes to bars while spending time at a court appointed rehab clinic stemming from a 2007 DUI arrest.

According to father Michael Lohan, it was all self defense on the part of his daughter:

“Lindsay was 10 minutes late for curfew and this woman was targeting her. She told Lindsay, ‘You’ve got to come in,’ and grabbed Lindsay by the arm. Lindsay said, ‘Get your hands off me’ and this woman didn’t even call Betty Ford administrators, she just called the police. Lindsay thinks this woman has had it out for her from the beginning and she’s looking for any reason to stop Lindsay from getting out [of Betty Ford].”

I’m going to side with the staffer, given Lohan’s past I wouldn’t be surprised if a judge does as well.