Celebs Looking Like Ordinary People: Plus Demi Lovato Pulls a Funny Face

Hollywood stars can just be like us. Some of them do go out of their comfort zones, ditching the fancy stylists and glossy make-up.


Today Demi Lovato uploaded a goofy pic: ‘Full day of press today, time to put on my grown up face.’

These famous actors have invaded their local neighborhood to shop for groceries, get coffee and walk the dog.


Yeah, just like everyone else on the planet, Denise Richards goes gaunt for a day without make-up.

Olivia Wilde

Not even a shade of lipstick on Olivia Wilde: She still looks beautiful and her dog would agree.

Kelsey Grammer _daughterfaith

TV star Kelsey Grammer on daddy duty: Takes his newest baby Faith out for a stroll.


Making House calls? Or out for a leisure run? Hugh Laurie keeps fit by doing tempo runs around his neighborhood. The TV star is anticipating the release of his Blues album this month.