Another Disney star gets arrested

So much for young and wholesome. Mitchel Musso was caught DUI. He is best known for his role in the show Hannah Montana, where he played Miley Cyrus’ close friend and sidekick.
Yeah, we know, who really cares about his teen semi-star, but we’re just saying that this is a disturbing trend among those Disney channel kids. They act all fun and cutesy on the show, build a fan base among kids who think they’re cool and funny and popular, and then they go out and do something stupid.

Seriously, driving while drunk? Mitchel isn’t of legal drinking age. He’s only 20, so at this point even taking a sip of beer is illegal. And then he consumes well over .08, and drove past an intersection, and wouldn’t follow the cops when he was caught…

Not exactly what you’d call model behavior, huh?

But then we’re not surprised. There’s the classic case of Lindsay Lohan, another cute little kid star whose life is now a trainwreck. And Britney Spears kind of lost her head (and her hair) too for a while.

Next thing we know, Mickey Mouse gets caught for dealing crack.

Photo credit: idol ko