Is Drew Barrymore Sporting A Baby Bump ?

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So is she or isn’t she? That remains to be the question for Drew Barrymore’s rather showy little baby bump. Ouuf, did I say baby bump? Naah, it might just be one too many grilled cheese sandwiches for this hippy flippy quirky chic.

Stepping out on the town in a rather tell-tale T-shirt in Los Angeles, it’s pretty evident  that tiny tummy protrusion is could certainly be a biological statement of impending motherhood for  Drew.

The 37 year old actress was doing a grocery run at the time in a pair of skinny low rise jeans and a rather flimsy loose fitting navy blue Tee which seemed to hint of a round delicate paunch.

The tattle tongues have not stopped wagging about Drew’s pregnancy ever since pictures of her came out in public carrying a sonogram last January.

Sources have been pretty keen on their confirmation that her fiance’ Will Koperman popped the question together with a colourless cut 4 carat diamond and  plan to tie the knot this summer.

After a string of relationships,  ill-fated engagementsand  two short lived marriages, we’re hoping the Drew has finally found her one true thing with the son of former Chanel CEO Arie Kopelman


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