A lot more celebs have tattoos than many of us might have guessed, but the latest bunch of misfits to get some ink done are Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. Lindsay had a swallow (above; pic: Starcasm.net) inked on the less fleshy part of her right forearm (i.e., probably somewhat painful). The swallow is said to be similar to the one for the Chanel logo.

Well at least LiLo’s tat isn’t too stupid. Brtiney, on the other hand, supposedly paid $5K for a red crown — as in what a queen would wear on her head, except Brit got it inked on her butt cheek. For $5,000. No pics have surfaced yet of this ridiculous waste of money. (I think I need to move to Lala land and take up a new profession.) Maybe she’ll tweet a pic to her followers on Twitter. After all, she’s about to have the most followed Twitter profile, about to beat out Ashton Kutcher.

Miley Cyrus has what seems like an innocuous tat, with the word ‘love’, but it it’s on her right ear. Considering the actual location, which is not very fleshy, it was probably a painful inking to sit through. That still doesn’t make her a big girl now, and hopefully she saves the bump-and-grinding of older men until she’s at least of age.

Avril Lavigne might be a bit tougher than I’ve given her credit for. She’s on the cover Inked magazine and apparently she has the four-letter word “F*CK” on her rib cage. Not sure how long she’s had it, but it’s the full word, not the censored version. As in forever. Until she dies. Unless she gets painful laser surgery to remove it. Yeah, that’s really the kind of girl you want to take home to mom. Who knew Canadian chicks could get so tough, swearing like a sailor, eating Tim Horton’s donuts and playing in the snow all year. Maybe Lindsay and Avril can have another fight, this time over who has the stupider tattoo. Wonder what they’ll tell their respective grandchildren.

Wow these are tough starchicks. Ryan Phillippe is a bit of a softie in comparison. He has a tat of his son and his grandfather, as a symbolic gesture, since the two never met. Aw.