Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Enjoy a Roman Holiday

Mila Kunis is in Rome shooting her next movie Third Person with award-winning director Paul Haggis at the helm.

Ever the Romeo, Ashton Kutcher flew over to join Mila Kunis on Sunday for a romantic evening at the Antica Pesa restaurant in Rome, Italy.

For their date, Mila wore a tan coat had her hair in a bun while Ashton paired his washed out jeans with a dark olive coat and plaid top. He also had a cap on and kept an umbrella lovingly over Mila.

Across town, Mila’s co star James Franco was having drinks with pals at the Piazza Copelle Lounge Bar.

Mila has also spent most of her time in Rome touring the sights and outdoor markets.

Ashton skipped shopping time with Mila and opted to stay holed in at the hotel.

Mila Kunis braved the cold weather for some street bargains.