Elin Nordegren “People Magazine” Issue Sells 2 Million Copies

Elin Nordegren People Magazine

Elin Nordegren gave her first interview since the Tiger Woods sex scandal broke and it went over huge, with People Magazine reporting 2 million copies sold, that’s nearly 600,000 more copies than their 1.4 million average.

How popular was the interview? Editors raised the cost per copy and then printed extra copies, the last time they did that was for the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt cover back in August 2008, that issue sold 2.5 million copies.

According to PopEater:

“Everyone at People will be popping the champagne this morning. Early numbers show that Elin sold around 2 million copies, way up from its average of 1.4 million, yet not quite the 2.5 million Angelina sold.”

One question not answered in the interview was exactly how much Nordegren received in her divorce settlement. Woods is reportedly worth more than $600 million and estimates put her share at around $100 million.


  1. I commend Elin Nordegren for her courage and determination to come public! Elin has a right to set the record straight after all the false rumors and innuendos that has been said about her for the last nine months. Elin has been badly wronged by Tiger, his mistresses and the media, so it is only fair that she has her say!!! Elin has been an inspiration to all the decent women around the world because of her dignity, self respect, courage and grace during this horrid ordeal! Elin and her precious children will have a very happy and bright future, because it is in the cards!!!