Elin Nordegren Finally Opens Up About Divorce

Elin Nordegren - People Magazine

Elin Nordegren recently spoke with People Magazine and revealed her feelings about the entire Tiger Woods sex scandal.

Nordegren first spoke about her large settlement, telling People:

“Money doesn’t make you happy, but I have to be honest, it is making some things easier….”

She goes on to talk about the stress the sex scandal caused her, including her battle with weight loss, insomnia and how she began losing her hair just weeks before her divorce was finalized.

Nordegren also cleared up misconceptions about the now infamous SUV accident, telling the celebrity magazine that she would never attack Woods with a golf club, but instead was trying to get him out of the vehicle.

When all is said and done Elin spoke for 19 hours during four meetings in what is being called a “candid” chat about the scandal and what has happened in her life since that time.

If one uplifting thing came out of the interview it was this, Elin says she still believes in love.


  1. I am glad that Elin Nordegren did not allowed Tiger and his team to silence her per life, even though it cost her millions from the divorce settlement! Elin is free at last from the despicable Tiger Woods who seems to have very serious issues! Elin Nordegren appears to be a woman true to herself and there is no money that can buy the dignity, self respect, courage and moral principles of a true woman!!! What Tiger Woods did to Elin Nordegren was criminal and coward! He showed no compassion, respect or caring for his wife or children! I believe that Elin has a right to tell her story to the world since she and the children are the only true innocent victims in this horrid ordeal! I commend Elin for her courage and determination to come public! She is truly an inspiration to all the decent women around the world! I wish Elin and her precious children a very happy and bright future!!!