Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend Meghan Rossee is Hot

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You can’t forget the fact that Michael Phelps is the greatest Olympian of all time with a record breaking 22 gold medals.

Now his latest golden conquest is far more unbelievable. Yes, Michael Phelps has a girlfriend! And, oh boy is she hot!

Meghan Rossee, the 25-year-old blonde cocktail waitress from California is no athlete, but she sure has a stellar bod.

Before Phelps, Meghan goes on gigs around the world modelling for exclusive VIP events and lux parties.

The superstar swimmer Phelps finally took his hot girlfriend to the red carpet at the Speedo Athlete Celebration in London. Their first official outing as a couple.

A medal crazy Michael Phelps is seen leaving a London nightclub at 4am with Meghan Rossee.

Meghan’s modelling career has been given some publicity boost ever since she’s been spotted around Phelps off the pool, mostly at parties and clubs since January. Meghan is known as a size 2 and stands at 5’10’’

Meghan has been very open about her romance with Michael Phelps on social media, pictures of the Olympian abound her Instagram account and on Twitter, she lovingly calls him ‘Bear’.