The ‘Magic Mike XXL’ TRAILER Is Now Out!

Magic Mike XXL poster

The marketing train for the Magic Mike sequel is finally set into motion!

Aside from the scrumptious poster tweeted by the hunk himself, Channing Tatum, he also paid a visit to The Ellen Show for the film’s first teaser trailer! [And it did tease us a lot.]

He also shared his waxing horrors to Ellen DeGeneres, which Tatum had to undergo for the flick.

“I waxed last time and I promised myself I was not gonna do it again. And then Matt Bomer goes, ‘No, no! You just didn’t have the right lady. She just wasn’t doing it right,'” the 34-year-old says.

Magic Mike XXL set
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The actor continues, “And then I went again and it sucked just as bad. And then after they started they said, ‘Oh, no, you’re a ginger.” I have like a little red, and they’re like, ‘It’s always the worse for them.’ And I’m like, ‘Then why did you start? Why didn’t you tell me this beforehand?’ But that was a terrible idea to do that.”


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