5 Fascinating Celebrity Swimming Pools

Celebrities are the best at creating spaces that induce envy in the hearts of many. In all celebrity endeavors, there is a typical (and expected) flair which speaks of stature and success.

No matter where they set up shop, a celebrity home is always much more fascinating than your everyday abode. A celebrity specialty in home design is the swimming pool.

Some of the most elaborate and beautiful oasis’ of the world are created outside (or inside) the homes of celebrities. Here is a quick look at some of the best creations around the world.

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone’s family enjoys the Neoclassical-style villa he and his wife purchased in 1993. When the affluent couple first purchased the property it was in serious disrepair, leaving room for Sly and his gorgeous counterpart, Jennifer Flavin, to introduce their own style to the design.

The swimming pool sits behind the home, surrounded by beautiful palms for shading. Stallone also had a memorable statue placed at one end of the pool; A larger than life sized bronze statue of Rocky Balboa.

Diane Keaton

The Spanish Colonial style of Diane Keaton’s 1927 home in Bel-Air has a swimming pool that will send your mind straight to a tropical, Spanish paradise. It’s bright, colorful aesthetic brings new life to the old property, and the pool is Keaton and her family’s favorite spot.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is also a fan of the Spanish Colonial Revival, and purchased her own work in progress close to Los Angeles, California. Her goal was to “bridge something old and tired with a much more contemporary aesthetic.”

The pool on the property is somewhat small in comparison, but the rich, green surroundings more than make up for the size. Eucalyptus trees litter the area with beauty, and Curtis and her family enjoy every square foot.

Marc Antony

Marc Antony has much more than just a simple swimming pool. Marc Antony owns his own tropical compound, equipped with several luxury huts and plenty of splendid views.

The huts sit raised over a man-made sand bottom swimming pool fit for a king. Even the outdoor furnishings are the best of the best being covered in Sunbrella fabric.

Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe’s Santa Barbara home was designed by architect Don Nulty. The clean lines and contemporary styling evokes a peaceful, orderly feeling. Perennials line the grounds around the swimming pool and seating areas of the outdoor respite area.

The beautiful design of Lowe’s luxury home makes for a perfect backdrop behind the sparkling waters of the pool. Several lounge areas and a few streaming fountains adorn the swimming area with style. There is no room for distress in the calm waters of the Lowe residence.